Saturday, September 6, 2008

lunch with mom...

today, i met mom for lunch after her monthly checkup.

(yeah, we both look like we haven't been sleeping that much)
we went to Mall of Asia to have lunch at:

mom loves THAI food...i love anything LOL.

so what did we have?

pomelo salad

Tom Yum soup

peppered squid

chicken in pandan rolls

fish curry (i love spicy food!)

i sooo love thai iced tea

and nope, we didnt eat them all by ourselves, we're with tito benny. hehhehe

all of that + 3 rice, tito benny's and mom's drinks = less than Php1400. Not that expensive no? Good food, good ambience and most of all, good service. i can no longer count as to how many times we've eaten here. we just keep coming back when we are at Mall of Asia.



Digital Angel said...

Awwww your mom and you look so cute together, and definitely look alike. I am glad you had a good time with her :)

AskMeWhats said...

hahaha you are too good, I was thinking, that much for only 2 of you? then you go! no there's tito benny! hahaha, are you reading my mind? Both you and mommy looks cute! and I love the food you pictured..yumyum! What I don't like about Thai food is "coriander" (the green leafy spice) :( I have to remember to ask them not to put it everytime I'm in a Thai resto.

Iambrigitte said...

hi digital angel, yeah it's been a while since i last had a date with her. i don't go home that often to the province and she doesn;t come here to the city as often as she used to. so there. i was hoping to spend more time with her but she had to go home right after lunch. :( but i am coming home this week :)

ehehehe, nikki actually even though it's only the two of us, we love getting a lot of foods. i dunno, and i would end up eating everything. i am a pig! really! most esp when we're in a japanese resto...we'd order a lot of sushi and sashimi..the waiters would really give us a stare as if he's wondering how we'd be able to finish it all up! LOL and yeah, that coriander thing..i dont like it either hehhee

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