Saturday, September 6, 2008

my attempt on nail art...

warning: i am not as talented (not even close) as our very own Nikki, but since i got the 24-pc nail art set from her, i need to use it. we don't want to waste any precious money here, do we? :D

so today, after meeting mom for lunch, i had a foot spa, mani-pedi from a salon downstairs. i had my nails painted in red and i did the nail art myself (geesh, if i can call it an art!). LOL

and yeah, i can only do flowers...hehehe

(i can't believe i am showing my feet to the world!)


(ok, you may now stop laughing. i know...i'm such a trying hard. waaaah, help sis Nikki!)

what i've used:

...and my nail pens in Black and Yellow

i was supposed to get the other one that Nikki has, but it was out of stock at SM Makati, so i got this instead. More expensive, priced at almost Php450. but yeah, it did make my polish dry a lot faster...30 seconds as promised! (or maybe lesser)

hopefully next time, i'd be able to do more decent designs.


and yeah...i already told you to stop laughing. :P


miemiemie said...

haha okay naman feet mo ha :)
great job on the nails ate jheng,they look nice :)

AskMeWhats said...

sis! ano ka ba??? We always start with flowers! so you don't have to worry! And girl! I AM NO EXPERT!!!!! This is your first attempt and I congratulate you!!!! it is pretty, my officemate starts with flowers too and now she's doing yin and yang! LOL Philippine flag..etc....we always start from somewhere and this honestly looks too cute!

Unknown said...

hahaha nice? lol. they are so ugly. i dont really get to take care of my feet. :(

thanks nikki, i sure hope i'd learn more complex designs. i dont want to use up all my nail pens just by drawing flowers! lol

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