Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh yeah, they are finally here!

yep yep yep! they are indeed here!

who? what? the aliens!? LOL

nah, i'm talking about these babies:

mineralized skinfinish (matte/shimmer duos), eyeshadows and blushes

(too bad, only 1 shade of the MSF arrived...i am soooo waiting on their lighter shades, like that of Sophie's. ehehe)

colourforms palettes
(me really wants to get these huhuhu)

nah, i am not trying to take a pic of the MAC counter alone...those pretty colored boxes contain these uber-pretty and drool-worthy babies:

wheww...(wipes drool).
i am so gonna get one of these sets...hopefully when i get a paid gig. LOL

note: sorry for the crappy quality of the pics, i only used my cam phone. (pokes head and tells myself to ALWAYS bring your darn digicam!)

so ladies here in the Philippines, if you want to get hold of these babies...go and raid the nearest MAC counter near you! ;)

and this is my humble loot:

and my freebie:

i think this is my 3rd tube of this...LOL


life's so unfair...i wish i can get more. sniff.

thanks to KANG and LYN of MAC Glorietta for letting me take pictures... :) see yah soon ladies!

1 comment:

AskMeWhats said...

yummmmmy collection!!!! and i love your haul...!!!! me want to reach out and grab it!

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