Friday, September 12, 2008

Photoshoot at Rouge Studios...

yep, another photoshoot...on a Sunday! LOL

but again, why complain when i get to do what i've always wanted to do, right!? so here are some sample pics at the shoot at Rouge Studios (Makati).

photo by: PJay Fortaleza

photo by: Clavel Waminal

it was my second time to work with Karen, and like the first one, i also enjoyed working with her. this girl is sooo down-to-earth despite the fact that she's already famous. take note, she has been in commercials and billboards already and in a lot of print ads.

mishi, my other model, is so soft-spoken and very demure. i was actually scared to talk to her at first because i tend to go loco and talk like a crazy gay and i'm afraid that she'd be turned off by that. but i've found out that she's also makulit and kikay (geesh, somebody help me for the english terms for these LOL).

i was told to do a natural bronzed look for Mishi so imagine my terror that day. you know ladies that i really hate the natural looks and neutral eyes...but fortunately, they liked what i did. (whew!)

for more photos, please click here.

thanks again to all the photographers, designer, models and my co-mua Sophie...and of course, to Gelbert (owner of Rouge Studios).
til next time!

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Gracie said...

Simply amazing! What can else can I say? *Muah!

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