Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Product Review: BIOKOS Purifying Gel Cleanser by Martha Tilaar

must. admit. i am a sucker for skin care items. i dunno why but i just keep on buying skin care products. i am always on the look out for products that would work with my skin. unfortunately, my skin would easily get immune after some time.

ever since i really got into makeup, i've been buying a lot of facial cleansers. i have brands like Shu, MAC, Fasio, even Elianto, etc. of course, my aim is to be able to find something that works at a cheaper price. and since i also put on makeup on other people, i always make sure i have a makeup remover inside my traincase just in case they would want to have their makeup removed after.

so during one of my trips to Watsons, i passed by the PAC counter and checked out some makeups. i got curious about their BIOKOS skin care items. They have a lot of range, from whitening to anti-wrinkle, etc. Having an uber oily skin, i had my eyes on their Pure Balance line...which caters to those with oily skins. i still have a toner that works wonder on me and day/night moisturizer so i decided to get their cleanser instead.

here's the actual product photo:

BIOKOS Pure Balance Series is specially formulated for oily skin, which is indicated by large pores, shiny and acne prone skin, which are generally experienced by those in their 20s (uh-oh...good thing i'm still in! LOL)

Pure Balance Purifying Gel Cleanser is a cooling cleansing gel specially formulated to remove excessive oil, impurities and makeup while balancing the skin's natural oils. contains Bio-Hazel extract to maintain skin's natural balance of oil and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help skin achieve perfect moisture level and leaving your skin fresher.

(please click on image to see some shimmers on the gel-like consistency of the cleanser)

what i love: it's cheap, priced at Php280 for 150ml. some might say it's expensive as compared to other brands but what i really like about this is that you don't need to rinse it off. yep, for those who are really lazy to do the entire cleansing routine...this is for you. i use it by smoothing the gel evenly all over my face (by the way, a little goes a long way) and then remove with cotton or facial tissue. i find it sticky at first...that i initially thought that i would need to wash it off still, but instead of going to the bathroom to wash, i turned on my laptop and surfed. LOL...after a few minutes, i then decided to wash it off but to my surprise, it's no longer sticky. my skin is left clean, smooth and kinda radiant (maybe because of the shimmers?). but i still had to wash it off...hehee, it's just me. i am such a retard like that. but for those who are on the go and just want to cleanse their face, this is one good product i can recommend.

what i hate: well, i wish it comes with a pump. and as for waterproof mascaras, you would need to use a bit more on the eye area to have it really removed. or maybe, just massage it a little bit more? or again, maybe it's just me. since i just tend to use a LOT of waterproof mascara...and sometimes i even use a mascara base. so there, maybe that's why. :D

will i repurchase? yes..yes..yes.. this is definitely one product i'd always have in my traincase for my gigs. just this and some facial tissue/cotton, the models can have their faces cleansed in no time.

IAMSUTIL gives this product 4 out of 5 stars!!!
(i hope they would come up with a pump)


AskMeWhats said...

I saw their ads and I thought they are super expensive..thanks for the review :)

sab said...

is this more facial cleaner than makeup remover? or both?

i'm looking for a great makeup remover kasi.

i love l'oreal eye & lip makeup remover... but i guess i just wanna try some other products. :)

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