Monday, October 27, 2008

the baby is now a monster...


i meant, a lady.


so what am i talking about?

lookie: other than my not-so-lil-anymore sister. geesh, how time flies so fast, no? years ago, i used to put her on my chest and cuddle her. i can still remember feeding her and changing her clothes. and now, yaiks! she's even taller than me.

(wipes tears)

and now, look at her. she is now my "barbie doll" hehhee...i can now play real makeup on her and drag her to shoots. LOL

yep, she agreed to model for me. more pics to come!


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Great offers await you at MAKE UP FOR EVER!

Hurry! Valid until November 2, 2008 only.

Visit your nearest MUFE store at:

Shangri-la Tel.638-5702
Bonifacio High Street Tel.856-5243
SM The Block Tel.442-0368

(God, help me!)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my Urban Decay (Book of Shadows) EOTD...

eversince i got my Urban Decay Book of Shadows (sounds very witchy, no?) palette, i've been using it almost everyday. lately, i've been painting my lids with just one color then line my lashlines with a black liner...and that's it! and the colors from the palette are all beautiful that one won't need to use a lot of colors.

for my EOTD last monday, i used my palette again...and yeah, still neutrals. LOL! i am so thankful that i got this as a gift from my ate since i've been wanting to get this ever since i saw Nikki's post. woot!

(terrible eyebags, i know)


PAC Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
UD e/s in Smog on the lid, UD e/s in Roach on the outer-V and crease, MAC fluidline in Dipdown on the upper lashlines
MAC Loud Lash Mascara
PAC eyeliner in Black Brown on the waterlines


Smashbox Photofinish light
Cinema Secrets concealer on the undereyes (topped with OM Saffron concealer), sides of the nose and blemishes
MUFE Face and Body liquid foundation in #1 topped with Smashbox Halo foundation
MAC Sculpt and Shape for contouring
MAC blush in True


MAC l/s in Hug Me

yeah, i am so getting tired of neutrals...


my (Happy) Friday eotd and my new love...

my new love?
...what else, but my MUFE eyeshadows!

love the colors, so easy to blend and it's so pigmented! i must say that it creases on me though i am using my UDPP. i am not yet so sure about it since for weeks now, my face (as well as my lids) are uber oily than the usual. i know i am uber oily, but lack of sleep has finally taken its toll on me. i am breaking out, and my skin is oilier. :(

so i am not giving up on them. i LOVE, LOVE MUFE eyeshadows...

here's my EOTD last (happy) Friday:


PAC Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
MUFE e/s in #148 on the lid, MUFE e/s in #47 on the outer-V and outer crease and MUFE cream eyeliner in Matte Green 6
MAC Plushlash Mascara
MUFE Aqua Eyes liner in Black on the waterlines

so am i ready to move from MAC to MUFE?


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my early Xmas gifts from Ate Gracie...

after a long, tiring week...i decided to go home after office last Friday night. i haven't been able to go home for almost a month, and i figured, maybe my aunt's good cooking can help me de-stress too! :)

and guess what my mom handed me when i arrived?


it even comes with a xmas card

my very own Urban Decay Book of Shadows!!!

and a whole lot more!

my ate really knows what colors i want!


playing with my Jemma Kidd foundation brush

thanks again, ate gracie! you really made my don't know how grateful i am for meeting you (online, that is...but i am looking forward to meeting you in person real sooon!). i've learned a lot from you, and you boost my confidence in every way you can. i know i haven't been able to talk to you lately, you know why. but i do hope you remember how much i value our friendship.

talk to you soon, ate Samantha! errr, i mean ate gracie!


(hugs and kisses)

Product Review: L'oreal De-crease Eyeshadow Base

L'Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base smoothes eyelids and evens skin tones to allow creaseless eye color. It provides a flawless canvas for application of any kind of eye shadow. Can also be worn alone for a clean, natural look.

I got this eyeshadow primer months ago when a good friend of mine went back from the US after 8 years. (miss you, luisa!)

I've been wanting to try this primer for quite a while back then since compared to my UDPP, it's cheaper. Too bad it isn't available here in the Philippines.

I've been using this product to some of my clients and i didn't hear any negative feedbacks, so i guess this works for them. But hey, i need to try it out on myself as well! :)

So i used this as a base when i wore my JLYNNE eotd.

and here's how my eyeshadow looked like after my shift:

terrible, i know! ewwwwww....

so i guess you know what my verdict is. :)

anyways, you know how uber oily my lids are...and this product works on others, but not on me. so i think, given a chance to get this again...i'd probably get this for my clients and not for me.

but yeah, blending is easier with this primer as compared to UDPP. but i need something that would work with my "oil-mine" lids.


my mufe e/s with no primer (left) and with l'oreal primer (right)

so yeah, it does work if you want the colors to pop out...provided you don't have oily lids like mine.


another MMU EOTD...

well, what can i say...first love never dies! hahhahah...and i am not talking bout my lovelife here, ladies. but my mineral eyeshadows!

my love for eyemakeup started when i discovered them late last year...i still remember my kikay (vanity) kit back then. all my makeup can fit a small kit...and now, ah, forget it.

anyways, for this EOTD i used JLynne eyeshadows. and i won't get tired of saying this again and again....mmu e/s are so easy to blend! woot!

(terrible eyebags)

and yeah, i already forgot the shades i used. geesh, this post should've been posted a week ago.


de-stressing again....

i know...i know...i haven't been posting lately :( well, i thought going back to a normal working schedule would give me back my social life...i thought wrong! arrrghhh...for weeks now, i spend an average of 10hrs in the office. there was even one friday night when i spent overnight in the office. sniff.

in as much as i've wanted to blog when i get home...i can't, since i am so effin' tired already. i try to blog in the office (LOL...don't do that!) but i can't even finish an entry. our project schedule is so tight that i only get to rest when i would need to go to the ladies room....and yeah, eat. and geeshh, i've been gaining weight! agggghhh! this is stress! i just can't stop eating!

so when i learned bout the Make Up Forever sale, i thought "why not pay them a visit?" LOL everybody needs some de-stressing, 'aight!?

besides, i love some of their products: MAT Velvet liquid foundation, loose powder and of course, their HD loose powder. i called them the night before and inquired bout the sale...and so i went there the next day, during my lunch break.

and here's what i got:

don't worry, most of them i got on sale. (wink wink)

my beautiful eyeshadow swatches

cream eyeliner...this i think can be at par with MAC fluidlines (or even better!)

Star Powder

too bad, most of the eyeshadows i want to get are no longer available. :( and yeah, i bought foundations again. i sooo love their Face and Body liquid foundation that Tere made me try when we got to work together. and you know me ladies, i just can't stop buying foundations. i am still in search of my HG foundie, you know! tee-hee

will post my reviews on these items, soon! (i wonder when would that be though...)

miss you ladies!

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