Wednesday, October 22, 2008

another MMU EOTD...

well, what can i say...first love never dies! hahhahah...and i am not talking bout my lovelife here, ladies. but my mineral eyeshadows!

my love for eyemakeup started when i discovered them late last year...i still remember my kikay (vanity) kit back then. all my makeup can fit a small kit...and now, ah, forget it.

anyways, for this EOTD i used JLynne eyeshadows. and i won't get tired of saying this again and again....mmu e/s are so easy to blend! woot!

(terrible eyebags)

and yeah, i already forgot the shades i used. geesh, this post should've been posted a week ago.


1 comment:

Shen said...

love this look sis! subtle enough for the day. :) may bangs na siya!! :)

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