Wednesday, October 22, 2008

de-stressing again....

i know...i know...i haven't been posting lately :( well, i thought going back to a normal working schedule would give me back my social life...i thought wrong! arrrghhh...for weeks now, i spend an average of 10hrs in the office. there was even one friday night when i spent overnight in the office. sniff.

in as much as i've wanted to blog when i get home...i can't, since i am so effin' tired already. i try to blog in the office (LOL...don't do that!) but i can't even finish an entry. our project schedule is so tight that i only get to rest when i would need to go to the ladies room....and yeah, eat. and geeshh, i've been gaining weight! agggghhh! this is stress! i just can't stop eating!

so when i learned bout the Make Up Forever sale, i thought "why not pay them a visit?" LOL everybody needs some de-stressing, 'aight!?

besides, i love some of their products: MAT Velvet liquid foundation, loose powder and of course, their HD loose powder. i called them the night before and inquired bout the sale...and so i went there the next day, during my lunch break.

and here's what i got:

don't worry, most of them i got on sale. (wink wink)

my beautiful eyeshadow swatches

cream eyeliner...this i think can be at par with MAC fluidlines (or even better!)

Star Powder

too bad, most of the eyeshadows i want to get are no longer available. :( and yeah, i bought foundations again. i sooo love their Face and Body liquid foundation that Tere made me try when we got to work together. and you know me ladies, i just can't stop buying foundations. i am still in search of my HG foundie, you know! tee-hee

will post my reviews on these items, soon! (i wonder when would that be though...)

miss you ladies!


*** said...

haul galore sissy!.. love the mufe foundation u bought! :) miz yah! hope to chat with u sOon again!

CG said...


What's a good MUFE foundation for oily skin? Ok ba the face and body? mat velvet? I'm waiting for the HD foundation to arrive in Manila (sana soon!).


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