Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my early Xmas gifts from Ate Gracie...

after a long, tiring week...i decided to go home after office last Friday night. i haven't been able to go home for almost a month, and i figured, maybe my aunt's good cooking can help me de-stress too! :)

and guess what my mom handed me when i arrived?


it even comes with a xmas card

my very own Urban Decay Book of Shadows!!!

and a whole lot more!

my ate really knows what colors i want!


playing with my Jemma Kidd foundation brush

thanks again, ate gracie! you really made my don't know how grateful i am for meeting you (online, that is...but i am looking forward to meeting you in person real sooon!). i've learned a lot from you, and you boost my confidence in every way you can. i know i haven't been able to talk to you lately, you know why. but i do hope you remember how much i value our friendship.

talk to you soon, ate Samantha! errr, i mean ate gracie!


(hugs and kisses)


Shen said...

OMG!! and we were just talking about nikki's! un pala kaw din!! what a lucky lucky lucky girl!! :) finally you have na an UD palette and the best pa if i may add!! :) the best talage si ate gracie! :)

Gracie said...

Oh, sis! I'm sooo glad you've finally got it! Gosh! It took a while, didn't it? Enjoy.... :)

AskMeWhats said...

Gracie is so sweet!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy the Urban Decay Box of Shadows..I know I do!!!! Advance Christmas to all of us! thanks gracie! I am using it "almost" everyday!

miemiemie said...

awesome gifts ate jeng! esp. the UD palette..nakita ko sa youtube yan a few months ago kaso sa UK muna narelease and hindi US so hindi ko nakita sa sephora..galing galing ah :)

sab said...

wow! what a lovely present! and you look fab too hun! :)

Digital Angel said...

Early Happy christmas for you :D That palette, hmmmm I want one ! SO pretty :D

Anonymous said...

Gracie how about me?! hmpft!... hahaha kidding! so generous of you if i may say that out loud! ;)

lucky you Jheng! i heard so many raves about the UD's shadows. play time indeed! :D

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