Thursday, October 16, 2008

my MAC loot! when was the last time i bought stuffs from MAC!? i can't even remember...seriously, it's such a pain to keep myself off that counter. each time i go to the mall, i try SO hard not to visit MAC. ugh.

but then again, sometimes you just have to give in and follow your heart. LOL!

and so last weekend, i went to MAC and got myself a few stuffs to play with.

yey, i'd be depotting these babies soon! (i wish i'd have the time to do so, though).

it was such a pain in my heart not to get those brush sets they have available...and those palettes. whew! i am drooling just thinking about it. darn, i wish i have lots of moolah so i can buy them all, i mean...some of them.


see, i've been such a good girl, Phoebs!


Phoebe said...

We're even... :D

Iambrigitte said...

hahahahha :P

Anonymous said...

you remind me i need another MAC brush cleanser soon! mine's running out na rin... Sunset B. is love! ;D

Gracie said...

Sis Jheng! You and MAC counter! ;)

dustbunny said...

when you depot your shadows, blushes do you throw away your plastic pots? i just can't seem to throw mine out i feel so guilty i feel that i need to recycle it LOL i'm such a freak!

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