Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crazy Sunday...

yeah, i told myself that i would spend my weekend at home to get plenty of rest...and to relax after a week-long stress at work. but hey, i am sure you'd rather spend your rest day with (crazy) friends like these:


to start off, here's my EOTD:

MAC e/s in Jest on the inner half of the lid and MAC e/s in Freshwater on the outer half of the lid, crease and lower lash lines

i dropped by Beauty and Minerals bazaar to give Sophie and Tin some moral support (lol)...these girls are really serious in their mission to beautify the world:

the Beautynomist and Tin (the SAP expert...hehehe)

the goodies (yumm!)

and after a day of hardwork, it's time to parteeeeh!

hmm, not really.


we just went to our most fave resto (to-date), CHILIS!
(and we were just here last Friday, huh)
P, giving me a some "coke" to test....
and yeah, that's P's man-friend...our new (beauty) blogger friend!

Jamie and Me

" c'mon, bring me the food or i'll kill myselfff!"

warning: parental guidance is a must!

and of course, what's going out without having some loots when you get home?

from B&M
(how come i only get to discover the beauty of Monave e/s just now?)
i actually bought a shirt and a pair of earrings from some store at the bazaar...but i lost them.

book and Shu Uemura loose powder sample from Phoebe and EG mmu foundation sample from Jamie

(ohhh, i do have this feeling that i am sooo gonna love this book..)

thanks again, ladies and Jayvee for the wonderful weekend!

til next time...

more pics here.

(thanks Phoebe and Jayvee for the photos!)

...we miss you, Shen!

last Saturday...

imagine me under lying on the bed, under this light...

i was so scared...really having second thoughts. but i gotta do it...i had to...and yeah, it did hurt.
and i realized, i should've not skipped getting facials in the first place! imagine....i haven't had my face cleansed for hmm, i think 3 friggin' months!?
so finally, i went to the most raved (in girltalk) facial center in the metro nowadays...GODIVA Skin Care Station. I visited the Bel-Air branch. I originally planned on having the diamond peel but because of my breakouts, i was advised to have the acne facial w/ Vit C first. and boy, i was soo glad that i did. I love the facial that my attendant, Gina, gave me. It did hurt a little, but 'twas tolerable. my face was all red after, but it went away after a couple of hours. my face felt so clean right after. and now i can look straight in the mirror without getting embarassed of those gross whiteheads/blackheads on my nose.

i was so happy with my facial session that i decided to avail of their Silver Membership (Php5k, consumable) and also bought some of their products which were recommended (no hardselling, promise!):

fruit acid cream and Vit C serum

i am so getting addicted to VNC...they are so comfortable!

my dinner...
(yeah, i am so missing RICE!)
i must...i must...i must decrease my size!

last week's EOTDs...

haven't been posting again...anyways, here are some of my EOTDs last week:

MAC e/s in Sunset

Taylormade e/s
(sorry forgot the shade)

MAC e/s in Poison Pen on the inner 2/3, MAC e/s in Nocturnelle on the outer-v and crease and MAC e/s in Shroom to highlight

Monave e/s in Rose on the entire lid and Monave e/s in Semi-matte Brown on the crease

Friday, November 21, 2008

help me decide....

i am on a dilemma right now, ladies. i haven't been sleeping that much for days now (well, what else is new) coz i've been thinking bout something. i've always wanted to do it, and now that i'd be able to...i am having 2nd thoughts. probably because i am scared and there's this doubt "will it really work?"

can you help me decide?

so what the hell am i blabbing about?

lower blapheroplasty, ladies....or in layman terms, "eyebag removal" :)

geesh, you know how bad my eyebags are. someone even commented here that my bags are horrible! (i hope you realize how bad i got affected by your comment..sniff) i've been thinking about having it done for quite a long time now. i've already consulted a doctor and he said everything will be okay and that i'll look more refreshed and awake after the surgery.

i've tried so many eye creams already...but nothing worked. my bags would even be puffier if i had too much sleep. and dang, i have loose skin under my eyes too which can also be removed by the surgery.

i was thinking of not pushing thru with it and just buy la mer eye concentrate (hate the price tag, but still a lot cheaper than surgery) but yeah, i am scared that like the other creams i've used in the past, it will not do me any good. and that would be just another waste of money. but...the operation is still much expensive so i am really considering la mer (who knows, it might just work)

so i did a little research and found this. and i am again considering the surgery (i just hope my eyes would be like that after..LOL)

you see i am really torn...please enlighten me.

note: i know this isn't much of a problem for the others, but for me who has been told that i look older than my age because of my eyes...this is one problem i want to be solved. so please, don't give me any comments like i am wasting my money on silly ideas, blah blah blah or that the economy is bad and that i should be saving my money instead of worrying bout how i look blah blah blah.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

my new bag...

and i thought i'd be able to save if i stay away from malls...

got this bag from an officemate...geesh, how come the workplace is not so safe anymore?

a new way to past my time....

i just discovered a new hobby:

yep...pressing minerals!

now i am actually wondering how come i tried it just now...(sigh)
thanks Shen for giving me this EZ press medium from Coastalscents...

my pressed minerals from MAD and Taylormade...woot!

i love the empty palette, so portable and sleek. they say MAC e/s pans fit in them...hmm, gotta try that soon!

pressing pigments is L.O.V.E


my "im-going-to-attend-a-concert" look...

last Sunday was Rihanna and Brown's back-to-back concert here in Manila...

and this is my look for that day:


PAC Brow kit in Dark topped with MAC Girl Boy
UD e/s in Shakedown on the lids, MAC e/s in Carbon on the outer-V and crease, and CS gel liner in True Black on the upper lashlines
Blinc Mascara in Black
UD 24/7 liner in Zero on the waterlines


Smashbox Photofinish light
Cinema Secrets concealer on the undereyes (topped with OM Saffron concealer), sides of the nose and blemishes
Monave Caroline topped with Lauress in Radiant Ivory
MAC Sculpt and Shape for contouring
Cargo blush in Molokai


MAC l/s in Peachstock topped with Cargo lipgloss

some camwhoring with my sis before the concert:

alright...alright. i'll confess...i didn't watch the concert! only my sister did. LOL

mom and I just bummed around the mall while waiting for her and her friends...tee-hee!

and yeah, i am so regretting that i didn't watch it.
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