Tuesday, November 4, 2008

and because i am so damn lazy to go to the grocery...

just went to the nearest Mercury Drug again to buy some stuffs. i know items there are sold at a much expensive price, but aghh...i am so tired after work that i can no longer go to the grocery and do some decent shopping.

anyways, here's what i got:

magazines...i wonder why i even buy them. i dont read them anyway, i just look at the pictures...LOL

some stuffs...yeah i am taking MET glutathione, i need a dose of antioxidants too ya know! and since i began reading Girltalk again, i bought myself Teranex glycolic soap. just in time, since i am breaking out so baaaddd!


i wish this is not because of the PONDS anti-aging creams i've been using for almost a week now. i am so loving its luminous effect...sigh.

i am now back with my anti-acne regimen: Tea Tree toner and Panoxyl cream, and yeah...Teranex! i'm keeping my fingers crossed. please wish me luck!

and i also bought this:
nahh...i don't have athletes foot! LOL...but last weekend, i was bitten by an insect. me thinks by a cockroach, eeew (yeah!) KATIALIS means "get rid of the itch" (just my guess...lol)
my leg looks like this now:

it's so dammmnn itchyyy. i woke up earlier and i forgot that i am not supposed to scratch it...so i did! and now it's gotten worse :(
and just when i am going to attend X's brother's wedding this weekend. so what now? i can't wear a dress!?
if anybody knows a better cure, please let me know. i am so trying hard to keep my hands off my leg. i soooo want to scratch it like crazy.
breaking out so bad + sore leg...i really get wet when it rains... :(


AskMeWhats said...

ouch i hope you get well soon, your legs looks itchy!!!

I love the new mags you bought..wow Sarah Geronimo's really on the roll! She was the model for Preview or was it MEGA? and now this....

*KiM* said...

owww..that is really itchy! I know haha. Try using Katinko..it's good for itchy skin. I've also been using Clarisyl dunno if that's the correct spelling + the Clinique anti-blemish set and I noticed my skin is slowly clearing up. =D

Gracie said...

Oh my gosh! That looks pretty bad sis :(... Panoxyl works for me so I hope it does for you too sis :)

Michelle said...

Systral ointment(u can buy it at any drugstore) is the best for insect bites for me. You should give it a try! :)

Tracy Roa said...

If Gold Bond medicated cream is available where you are, I'd recommend that for the insect bite. I practically lived off of that stuff when I first went to Hawaii because I had so many bug bites. Good luck!

Crystal Gale said...

hi sis! the product that I use for insect bites (they are really itchy for long times) is Emu Oil Cream..super fast in removing itchies and it moisturizes too so your skin wont flake..

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