Tuesday, November 25, 2008

crazy Sunday...

yeah, i told myself that i would spend my weekend at home to get plenty of rest...and to relax after a week-long stress at work. but hey, i am sure you'd rather spend your rest day with (crazy) friends like these:


to start off, here's my EOTD:

MAC e/s in Jest on the inner half of the lid and MAC e/s in Freshwater on the outer half of the lid, crease and lower lash lines

i dropped by Beauty and Minerals bazaar to give Sophie and Tin some moral support (lol)...these girls are really serious in their mission to beautify the world:

the Beautynomist and Tin (the SAP expert...hehehe)

the goodies (yumm!)

and after a day of hardwork, it's time to parteeeeh!

hmm, not really.


we just went to our most fave resto (to-date), CHILIS!
(and we were just here last Friday, huh)
P, giving me a some "coke" to test....
and yeah, that's P's man-friend...our new (beauty) blogger friend!

Jamie and Me

" c'mon, bring me the food or i'll kill myselfff!"

warning: parental guidance is a must!

and of course, what's going out without having some loots when you get home?

from B&M
(how come i only get to discover the beauty of Monave e/s just now?)
i actually bought a shirt and a pair of earrings from some store at the bazaar...but i lost them.

book and Shu Uemura loose powder sample from Phoebe and EG mmu foundation sample from Jamie

(ohhh, i do have this feeling that i am sooo gonna love this book..)

thanks again, ladies and Jayvee for the wonderful weekend!

til next time...

more pics here.

(thanks Phoebe and Jayvee for the photos!)

...we miss you, Shen!


Unknown said...

omg i love that book! it's soo hilarious! I've read the other one "Why Men Love Bitches" like three times already. And everything she wrote is pretty much right on the money and true.

Anyway, I'll be heading down in PI over Christmas. I'm planning on meeting up with Jamie if everything works out. I would love to meet you guys over there!

jie jie said...

looks like you had a blast! gorgeous women + makeup = craziness.

i love how you used only two colors for the look, and blended it really well. it's pretty!

Tara Cabullo said...

Oooh. You're SO gonna love the book! So practical! And TRUE!

Shen said...

i miss you much sis! :( sayang coz i was there last saturday naman and you weren't. promise we'll have time naman for each other! lol! :)

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