Friday, November 21, 2008

help me decide....

i am on a dilemma right now, ladies. i haven't been sleeping that much for days now (well, what else is new) coz i've been thinking bout something. i've always wanted to do it, and now that i'd be able to...i am having 2nd thoughts. probably because i am scared and there's this doubt "will it really work?"

can you help me decide?

so what the hell am i blabbing about?

lower blapheroplasty, ladies....or in layman terms, "eyebag removal" :)

geesh, you know how bad my eyebags are. someone even commented here that my bags are horrible! (i hope you realize how bad i got affected by your comment..sniff) i've been thinking about having it done for quite a long time now. i've already consulted a doctor and he said everything will be okay and that i'll look more refreshed and awake after the surgery.

i've tried so many eye creams already...but nothing worked. my bags would even be puffier if i had too much sleep. and dang, i have loose skin under my eyes too which can also be removed by the surgery.

i was thinking of not pushing thru with it and just buy la mer eye concentrate (hate the price tag, but still a lot cheaper than surgery) but yeah, i am scared that like the other creams i've used in the past, it will not do me any good. and that would be just another waste of money. but...the operation is still much expensive so i am really considering la mer (who knows, it might just work)

so i did a little research and found this. and i am again considering the surgery (i just hope my eyes would be like that after..LOL)

you see i am really torn...please enlighten me.

note: i know this isn't much of a problem for the others, but for me who has been told that i look older than my age because of my eyes...this is one problem i want to be solved. so please, don't give me any comments like i am wasting my money on silly ideas, blah blah blah or that the economy is bad and that i should be saving my money instead of worrying bout how i look blah blah blah.



Askmewhats said...

Sis Jheng, I would say, if the doctor is really really good and you've seen his works na and of course he's working for an accredited hospital..why not?? Pero do your research first din on side effects, ask a lot of questions, di naman kelangan like NOW NA di ba? so do your research probably on people who has done it...ask the doctors if he has patients who has done it and maybe if you can keep in touch with them and ask questions? I think para ma kampante ka :)

jamie said...

ate jheng, you know what im going to PRO it.hehe.:P plus your doctor is well known and the best so why think of the negatives. but if ur only 50% sure that you like it..hhmmm..wag na muna. even if you have eyebags naman it doesnt look that bad. ur very pretty now so what will you look like after the surgery? very very very very to the nth level pretty?!? hihi..:D

- aika - - said...

y not! as long na safe and magiging maganda yung result eh di go go go!

btw may side effect ba ito?

pero kung nah hehesitate ka pa eh wag muna!

sabi nga ng mama ko kung nag dadalawang isip ako wag ko itutuloy hehehe

mahirap na :(

Gracie said...

Sis, you know how I feel about going under the knife. However, if you're fully confident about it and you're happy to go through it, why not? Just go for it but as what I've said, think carefully about it. Millions of people have gone through all that and nowadays even more are doing that.

iamsutil said...

halu sis nikki, actually i know the doctor personally pa nga. mom ko nagpatanggal na din ng eyebags sa kanya years ago. and dati shang director/head ng cosmetic surgeons here in pinas. natatakot lang din cguro ako. and aside from that what if maging ganun pa din? lol...sayang pewa!

to the nth level ka jan jamie! hahahaha...samahan mo kaya ako pampalakas ng loob. lol

heller aika, ala naman daw side effects though i'd be wearing shades for two weeks. after the surgery my eye area would be swelling for 2days. actually nanaginip pa ako na natanggal daw ang tahi and that i am bleeding to death, lol. un nga isip ko pede namang nde ngaun...pero tinablan talaga ako sa comment ng isang reader ko huhuh..saka each time i look sa mirror i look really old dahil sa eyes ko. :(

hiyeee ate gracie..natatakot na nga ako eh, pero its safe naman daw ang mom had it na din and so far ok naman sha. would u know kung may namamatay sa ganitong surgery? lol

thanks mga sis! muaaah

- aika - - said...

heheh diba sabo nila baligtad ang nangyayari sa panaginip? hehehe

ok lang naman siguro na nakashades ka :D

tiis landi sabi nga nila hahaha

hanggat alam mong safe sya at hindi maaapektohan yung sight mo eh di go :)

kung nagawa na ni mother mo eh di go ka na din

URY said...

Hello sis! Para sa kin you don't look old naman. I didn't notice your eye bags when I saw you. Did you try some alternatives na ba? For me kasi I would try all the alternatives first before I go for surgery. But ask yourself if that's what you really want and if it's worth it. Tayong mga girls malalakas ang loob eh hehe. But if you really want a fast solution and you have the budget why not? Ako nga if I only have mooolah magpapa lipo ako lol =P

Anonymous said...

I just pretty much stumbled onto this blog yesterday. :) I love how you all mix tagalog with english. my mom did that all the time and i miss her :( :(

Anyway, as for your surgery. GOGOGOGO Get it. If it will improve your quality of life and you won't regret doing it, do it!

I agree with the other comments, ask questions, do your research, and double check the quality of work... there are PLENTY of plastic surgery horror stories out there, so be careful !

Also, consider that you are very pretty right now anyway. We all get old and more wrinkly so when you get much much older, it's going to come back anyway ^_^

Chloe said...

sis, Id say that if it makes you feel better and since you know the doctor personally and has done work with your mom before, GO for it =) but if may hesitations ka pa this time.. pwede na you can give time muna and do it pag 100% sure kana. Ay nako, sa totoo lang di naman noticeable eyebags mo... kaw lang lagi nag memention na malaki sila lol. You're gorgeous, with bags or not =) Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

aside from the research, ask people who've had the surgery already. yung iba kasi okay as in walang adverse reaction, and yung iba may side effects.


sab said...

ooooh! my uncle does surgery, but i'm kinda not for itl personally. i dunno. but if you've thought about it a lot, then why not? my dad had some surgery done too, he looks okay.

btw, who is your doctor? :)

fuzkittie said...

Hi girl! Thank you for your lovely comments!! :] I must add you to my list of beauties~

As for the surgery, I saw a TV show that talked about it, and some people who got the eye bag removal surgery, ended up having the lower lid droop down a bit more, so that the pupil looks smaller than it should be, leaving the white part below the pupil visible when eyes are open... So just be careful and go to a really good doctor. If you have hereditary eye bags, then I think surgery is the way to go, no creams are going to help!

Dio said...

I say "noooo!" because :
-first : I didn't see bag eyes on you (yes it's true! You don't have bag eyes !)
-secondo : you're too young for that's (this surgery is for people who have 40-50-60 years (!))
-trois : a surgery is always a medical act (!!!), it's not like a facial mask or another little thing. So a surgery can be bad (with disaster scars or allergic reaction or dead (yeah ! anesthesia is a risk to take).

So I said "no!no!no!". Resumes confidence in you and you will see that you do not need a that!

Take care.

eenah said...

hi jheng, why, ure so pretty i didn't even notice your eyebag! :D

saab said...

hi jheng, sorry to say but i dont recommend the surgery for you. You're too young to have it. There are other ways to prevent it like modifying ur sleeping habits, even your diet. Kasi babalik at babalik pa din yan. Look at sharon cuneta, she has done it several times before pero ayun awa ng diyos ganun pa din.

Khymm said...

hi jheng! I think ok naman to.. pero if you're having second thoughts, as they said wag nalang muna.. =)

i always follow your blog, di ko naman na notice eh meron ka pala nun! wag mo nalang pansinin kung sino man nagcomment nun.. =)

miemiemie said...

if it makes you happy, GO FOR IT :) i see nothing bad if you decide to push through with your plan..i would suggest that you find for a reputable doctor to do this on you..and of course check ka narin kung may before and after pics ng patients niya, iba kasi pag nagundergo ng surgery mga americans satin..hmmm..if its hereditary, creams won't do you good..why? haha kasi ako nasa lahi din namin ang dark undereye circles..though hindi baggy yung eyebags ko,concealer is definitely my best friend..dati nga gusto ko paopera yung eyes ko, to make them look bigger..kaso..hahha wag na,hindi naman ako papayagan..think about this a million times, ask the doctor for long term side effect or complications and all..for me kasi,you won't undergo surgery to make you look like a different person..diba? enhance lang ng features..parang makeup,expensive nga lang..and its irreversible..

dustbunny said...

if it will make you happy/er and if its really safe and the doctor is trustworthy then go for it! btw I'm planning to hold a big contest for Christmas can you help me hold the contest, plus advertise it ? and if you want to contribute to the prizes it would be great! thanks!

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