Thursday, November 13, 2008

my dinner-with-my-friends' looks...

what's the best way to de-stress after a day of too much work (and loads of stressful people around you)?

and i am not even thinking bout shopping here... :P

what else, but surrounding yourself with gorgeous (and handsome) friends!

last Tuesday night, i met up with my dear friends Shen, Sophie, Jamie, Phoebe and Jayvee for dinner at CPK, Glorietta. it's been a while since the last time i've been with them. it was like a POWOW since we kinda (sorta) exchanged gifts. LOL.

shu UV base, artdeco blush, crushed MAC SF in NC40 and MSF in Medium Plus from Phoebe

lovely bracelet (choker) from Shen

Charm Pro Travel brush set from Sophie

and, remember my post where i complained bout getting the wrong shade from MUFE HD foundation? Sophie agreed to have a swap...her MUFE foundie (my shade, #117) with any foundie from my collection (as long as it's the same shade).
weeeeee...just when i am desperate of getting this shade as soon as MUFE restocks here in PI.

i am so happpyyyy!

some pics:

us sporting our bracelets from Shen (thanks phoebe for the pic)

Jayvee: the only rose among the thorns (LOL)

and of course, before i forget:
still breaking out!

friends, thanks for spending time with me last Tuesday. you know how stressed i am lately...i really appreciate your company.

see you soon!

(errr, how about saturday? LOL)


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