Monday, November 10, 2008

my US loots!

finally, they are here!
thanks to X's mom, who came home for their youngest son's wedding last Saturday, i now have my Sephora and Coastalscents' loots!
my US loots!

items from sephora

mufe hd foundation and mist & fix
(and i got a wrong shade. i got myself 120 and got 117 for mom. i should've gotten the same shade...ack!)

smudge pots from Stila
($32 for these 3...good deal, no!?)

24/7 liners from Urban Decay
(been dying to get these since i tried Sophie's)
UD swatches

Coastalscents' items
2 gel liners (black and silver) and an empty palette
weee, i'll be pressing some pigments soon!

and i noticed..i bought too much eyeliners! LOL
i just ran out of my MAC fluidline in Blacktrack and still on the lookout for an eyeliner that wont smudge on my uber lids.
wish me luck!


Askmewhats said...

wow!!! whatever you have, I am lemming for all those from the States!!!! If I'm desperate, I'll just go to your home and play your make up!!! hahhaha I was just telling a fellow blogger that I bid for those 24/7 liners and I lost! LOL

Ohh I hope you love Stila as Much as I do :D

Rhea said...

wow!! you have a lot! :) i'm drooling . . . . hahahaha :)

Crissy said...

Now I'm lemming for those Smudge Pots!!! The price is not bad!

caryn said...

heehee. you sounded so excited about your new makeup that it made me want to go and buy new ones to experience the same joy ;-) have fun with them!

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