Thursday, November 20, 2008

Product Review: Coastalscents Gel Liner...

weeks ago, i just realized that i am running out of my MAC fluidline in Blacktrack...and yeah, it is one of my favorite items from dear MAC. but i am sure none of you would blame me for trying to look for alternatives, right? besides, everybody would love to be able to save a couple of more moolah so you can buy!

so i've read that Coastalscents has finally come up with Gel Liners...priced at $6.95, and a lot of raves that it works just like MAC (some even say it's better) made me decide to get 2 out of their 10 available shades:

my CS gel liners in Platinum and True Black

what i love about it is that it is creamy (creamier than MAC, actually) and it glides on really smoothly. if you have watched my tutorial on how to line your eyes, you'd see how easy it is to apply it on the lids. and on my uber oily lids, it stays on the whole day. it doesn't dry out too fast as well, so if you happen to apply it wrong, it's so easy to wipe it away. but once it dries up, it won't budge! some says it flakes, but i didn't experience that.


it also has a very good color pay off. a little goes a long way too!

here's a comparison with my MAC fluidline in Dip Down:

both claim that they have 3g of cream liner, but obviously, CS has more!

my final verdict? well, let's just say i am SO getting all the other colors! :)

this is one budget cream liner that works just like the other known brands out there...

(if not better, WOOT!)

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