Thursday, November 6, 2008

Product Review: Sunsilk Straight and Sway...

i've been cursed...err, blessed with straight hair. sometimes it's so straight that i wish i have curls. yeah, such a retard...but yeah, i would love to have curls!

i figured that since i don't have curls (yet), i might as well love what i have. my hair is thin (talk about babyhair-like) and straight that it gets too limp most of the time. so i always try to look for a shampoo and conditioner that can give my hair more body without weighing it down too much.

and so i bought this the day after i saw the commercial:

SUNSILK's new collection: the STRAIGHT & SWAY shampoo and conditioner

"a powerful formula with an infusion of Beeswax Straight energizers, it wraps around fluffy strands and naturally reshapes hair to let your straight hair sway even with light shakes"

hmmm..sounds promising.

and so i tried it...

my say: this is LOVE! it is true to its promise...straight hair that moves naturally. it didn't weigh my hair down unlike the others that i've tried.

when you use the conditioner, make sure to apply more on the ends.

what i dont like is the smell...i find it too strong. but aside from that, i give this 2 thumbs up!

price: Php 90 for the 180ml shampoo and Php 81 for the 180ml conditioner (less than $2 each)

i love it too much that i decided to get this as well:

Straight & Sway Gel Cream

"Gives straight hair weight and natural movement. For straight and rebonded hair. Dual formula of a gel and a cream provides weight, resulting in a frizz-free, smooth and finish look."

i haven't tried it though, but will post a review soon!


Tracy Roa said...

I'm the opposite when it comes to my hair. I wish it was more straight! Mine is ugly wavy. LoL.

sab said...

wow! i so wanted to try this set too! lemme know how the gel works for you. :)

Anonymous said...

i also have the straight, limp hair so i tried this shampoo because they were giving it for free in our school, sad to say, it dint give its promise. i might give the conditioner a try to see if there's really an effect.

My World said...

hi where did you get this in manila?

Unknown said...

hi tracy me wants curly hair naman :( hay people just cant get enough no? LOL

hi sab parang hair creme lang siya eh, nde naman tumitigas hair ko. will post a review soon..

emily try to use the conditioner. i first used the conditioner and i liked it, so i bought the shampoo na din. :)

hiyee the fat and thin girl i got mine at mercury drug here in makati. i think it's available na in groceries na din

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