Monday, December 29, 2008

more Xmas pictures...

iamsutil and baby santa
and as promised, more pictures here.
Xmas was a always is, with my family around.
but of course, it could've been better if X is here.
and yeah, my santa bear's name is X.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Magazine photoshoot...

last weekend, i was asked to do makeup for a magazine that will be out first quarter of next year. (will disclose what magazine once it's out..) i was so nervous because it would be my first time to work alone. i'd be the only MUA and i haven't met the hairstylist or the photographers.

but thanks to my teacher, RB Chanco for believing in me and for giving me this gig...and of course, to my ever supportive MUA-friend and sister, Sophie!


Tom (not sure if he still has makeup in this picture...i made him up first and he had to wait a couple of more hours for the group shot)

Tim (i swear he has makeup on! but of course, it really has to look does look natural, eh? or not? lol)

Joseph (we call him the Bad Boy, for he smiles so seldom...i had to beg for him to smile for me in this picture...hehehe)

Steph (our cute and uber friendly china doll princess)

Aubrey (the very regal and gorgeous gal)

Borge in action

will update you and post official photos once they're out!

again, thanks RB!


my first acrylic nails...

'twas a friday and most of the people in the office are already in vacation mood. i was so damn bored that i decided to go down and have my usual mani-pedi-footspa at a nearby California Nails and Day Spa (they are just in the bldg next to ours...yey!)

i asked them how long it will take for all the works to finish (i just so need some time to doze off), and they told me an hour and a half. hmmm, i need more time...LOL!

so i decided to go ahead and try their acrylic nails:

believe me, i only got the "short" size but my nails are well..too small to begin with so they look huge on me. LOL.

i am so dreaming of having really long nails since i can't grow my nails...they easily break. and sometimes, when i am in too much tension, i tend to bite them (ewwww, i know!)

the entire procedure lasted for almost 3hrs. hehehhe, and yep my boss wanted to give me some spanking after being gone for such a long time during office hours. (please don't be like me...hehehe, but i swear, i had MOST of my tasks done).

when i got home, i then decided to play with it a bit more:

added some nail stickers
(i was trying to put nail art, but i am not as talented as Nikki...thank God for these stickers, though. LOL)

my sister camwhoring with my nails...

i love it...and i promise to always have this done with my nails. they say this will last for 3-4 wks...i can just have it repaired or refilled (?) if needed.

total damage: Php 1555 (Php590 for the mani-pedi and Php965 for the acrylics)

PROV ROCKS! Our company's xmas party...

finally, another company christmas party that i was able to attend! heheehe, i don't really attend xmas parties before...why? coz i don't like dressing up in parties and presentations!


last year, when i was still with AWWC, me and my bestfriend attended the party...actually, the whole IT team did! it was very unusual since most of the time, they find IT people hmmm, kill joys? lol. but last year, we decided to attend and me and my bff really dressed up! she even won for best in costume! our theme then was 80's.

this year, our company's theme was PROV Rocks (taken from Fashion Rocks). first, we thought that it would be anything rock...but nope. it's just all about dressing up. you can be anybody you want to be. and for this party, i just decided to wear a trench coat (on top of a short plain black dress) and my lovely boots from ate Gracie. i chose not to wear all black, and i figured that something neon would be different and eye-catching. lol...

Me, Crischell and Eva

with some of the QA team

and yeah, i won the Best Dressed Female title...LOL

here's a short video:

(ok, you may stop laughing now...)

more pics here.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

greens, purples and pinks....

i seriously need to practice more on non-neutral eyemakeup for i feel like i am losing my blending mojo!
good thing, the office management finally allowed us to wear casual all week instead of the 4-day business attire and friday dress down. funny thing is, people still come in wearing formal...ahahaha. and still, i can't bring myself to wearing bold colors during the day (except when i'm in i-dont-care-what-you-say-just-stop-staring-at-me-or-ill-pull-your-eyes-out kinda mood) so i still end up with neutrals.
but here's just a few colored eye makeup that i came up with after trying so damn hard keeping them subtle:

MAC mineralized e/s

still MAC (i'm guessing JUXT and Parfait Amour?)

hmmm...MAC in i-dunno and i-forgot.
i guess i need to go to bed now...i am in full blown retardation at this time...
nyt (i mean, good morning) dearies!


and i thought it's just another ordinary Xmas Shopping day....

i was SO wrong.

'twas December 14 when mom and I decided to meet up at Mall of Asia with my sister to do our xmas shopping. it was actually late than the usual for we try to do it on the first week of the month. as usual, i arrived late...thanks for the heavy traffic on my way there and for those cab drivers who refused to take me to the mall.

for days like these (shopping day), i am fond of wearing dresses since it's easier if i am to take my clothes off for fitting. so for that day, i decided to wear this:

Sam (my sister) was kidding me for i look like i am not wearing any shorts...of course i am! LOLz...a former officemate saw me and asked me if i am pregnant...grrr. okay, i know i do look pregnant...with the big tummy and the dress, but i am not! REALLY! =P

i won't forget the day i wore this dress because this is what i was wearing when i lost my most recent baby:

yeah...i lost my fone...sniff.

i was in People are People checking out the shirts on sale when i noticed a girl stood beside me and started checking out the shirts too. i looked at her and remembered the tube dress she was wearing. all of a sudden, i felt my bag if someone or something had hit it. i trembled and my heart just started thumping...i looked at her and she walked away. i immediately reached out for my wallet and was able to t0uch it. and from there, i just knew...that my phone's gone.

i felt my knees weakened and so i went to my sister and asked her to give me some space to sit. i started looking for my phone and yeah, it's G-O-N-E. i took my sister's fone and called mine, it rang for a while and then it went dead. desperate and nearing to breaking out in tears, i sent whoever that biatch is to at least give me back my sim or leave it somewhere. of course, she didn't reply. UGH!

i know i should've followed her right after she started walking away from me...but i dunno. i was shocked and scared all at the same time (and i'm not even sure what i lost yet!). mom said that she might have seen me using my fone and followed me.

i was fuming mad for i went to DIVISORIA (shopping place where everything's or most of the stuffs are cheap and there are SOOO many people walking around) weeks ago and i brought my baby with me. i was texting the whole time and didn't lose it. i guess i was just too comfortable inside the mall, thinking that there would be no snatchers or thieves there. and yeah, i was so friggin' wrong.

i learned my lesson the hard way...and it cost me more than Php20k to learn that. it has only been two months since i got that phone, and geesh, i so love that phone :(
oh well...i guess, you can't be so trusting (and stupid) all the time at times like these.
so for those who'd be able to see a white nokia E71 with a clear GMASK, please report to the police. hhhaahhaa kidding...

i was told that i can have that phone locked by calling NTC (National Telecommunications Company). They will ask you to submit a copy of the receipt as proof of ownership and an affidavit of loss, and once proven that it has been stolen from you, they will lock the phone so the culprit or whoever has it won't be able to use the phone anymore.

it could've been great...if only they would pick up the phone.

oh well, i guess not until they start doing their jobs, stealing of phones will be lessened.
i just hate dealing with government offices, really.

sorry, but i am just being honest here. i just hope and pray that people will do their jobs and help in eliminating crimes like this.

so there...bye my baby! and for that thief, remember that what goes around...comes around.

for those who want to get my new number, please email me yours and i'll send you mine.
thanks, dearies!

previous loots...

i know i haven't been able to stop myself from shopping lately...but hey, it's XMAS! a girl gotta shop during christmas! tee-hee...

anyways, here's a few of what i got weeks ago. i haven't been able to take pictures of the gifts that i got for family and friends...well, of course for obvious reasons... :)

i think i've completed all the December issues of my fave magazines already...

my landmark loots
(don't u just love LANDMARK!?)

and since i've read that the local brand, Ever Bilena, has come up with really good products...i just knew i have to get some. and i decided to try their lipsticks...

you can curse me now for i forgot to specify the colors... lol
and here's what i am currently loving...

Guerlain Perure Extreme liquid and powder foundation
(both in Beige Clair)!

have you checked out their holiday collection? i so wanna go back to the mall and snag that uber cute and elegant bottle of their shimmer spray!

(oh lord, help me)

Product Review: L'oreal Elseve Color-Vive Intensive Hair Serum

i am fond of having my hair colored. i started coloring it when i was a freshman in college and if my memory serves me right, i think my first color was Burgundy. LOL

from then on, i try to color my hair after every 3 months. once, i went really crazy that i decided to color my hair black. Raven black! hahahha...i looked like Morticia Adams that time and my boredom pushed my sanity to its limits that i then decided to get a boy's cut. so yep, just imagine how stupid i look! hehehe

people would ask me how i keep my hair shiny and healthy. i notice that no matter how cruel i get with my hair, fortunately, it doesnt get damaged. there was a time that i didn't like the outcome when i colored my hair so, i colored it again with a different shade the next day. my mom was terrified when she saw me coloring my hair again...but yeah, i think i'm lucky that my stupidity and impatience didn't damage my hair.

but before, i notice that the color easily loses its luster. sometimes, the color will get darker after a few washes. so people would wonder if i got my hair colored again just after a few weeks.

good thing, this product came:

The new Elseve Color-Vive Intensive Care Serum with patented UV Nutri-filter and cationic polymers protect hair from external aggression and prolongs color. Instantly smoothes hair and provides long lasting shine. Your hair is protected from roots to tips. Its color vibrancy stays truer longer.

how do i use it?

after taking a bath, i wrap my hair with a towel while i tone and moisturize my face. i then towel dry my hair, just enough to remove excess water and i dispense 2-3 pumps of this serum onto my hands, rub them together and apply it evenly on my hair.

sometimes i would blow dry my hair (most esp when i am in a hurry) but most of the times i just air dry it while massaging my scalp.

i found out that eversince i started using this, it made my hair shinier and the color stays true longer. and no matter how often i color my hair, it doesn't get damaged (and i hope it stays that way...)

price: Php400++ or $8 (please correct me if i am wrong)
will i repurchase? NOPE! i think i'm on my 6th bottle now...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

MERRY CHRISTMAS, everyone!!!

i know i haven't been blogging that much lately...geeesh, my last post was almost 2 weeks ago. (sigh) anyways, i promise to update you of what have been happening to my (so-called) life on the next days to come.
but for now, let me and my family greet you and your family...


May God continue to bless us all and may he allow us to be a blessing to others as well.
again, happy holidays everybody!
hugs and kisses from
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