Saturday, December 27, 2008

greens, purples and pinks....

i seriously need to practice more on non-neutral eyemakeup for i feel like i am losing my blending mojo!
good thing, the office management finally allowed us to wear casual all week instead of the 4-day business attire and friday dress down. funny thing is, people still come in wearing formal...ahahaha. and still, i can't bring myself to wearing bold colors during the day (except when i'm in i-dont-care-what-you-say-just-stop-staring-at-me-or-ill-pull-your-eyes-out kinda mood) so i still end up with neutrals.
but here's just a few colored eye makeup that i came up with after trying so damn hard keeping them subtle:

MAC mineralized e/s

still MAC (i'm guessing JUXT and Parfait Amour?)

hmmm...MAC in i-dunno and i-forgot.
i guess i need to go to bed now...i am in full blown retardation at this time...
nyt (i mean, good morning) dearies!


beeyoutiful7 said...

Oo !

I love that look on u =)

Im going to try that tomorrow =)

Crystal said...

i love the EOTDs esp the one in the middle, yung purple and green. lovely!

Steff said...


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