Thursday, December 11, 2008

magazines and gifts from Shen...

i know i have piles of magazines already, there are even some that i haven't read yet...but i just can't stop myself from buying new issues of some of the magazines i love to read:

i even got this Pantene 3-minute miracle treatment for free from one of the magazines (i think from Cosmo?). so finally, i'd be able to try it.

then, my sweet friend Shen gave me these:

weeee..i've been waiting to get my hands on this lovely brush. i placed an order a month ago, and Shen gave it together with the lipgloss as gifts.

thanks thanks Shen!

so sooooft!


fuzkittie said...

How sweet of Shen! :]

Iambrigitte said... nice of her no? :)

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