Sunday, December 28, 2008

my first acrylic nails...

'twas a friday and most of the people in the office are already in vacation mood. i was so damn bored that i decided to go down and have my usual mani-pedi-footspa at a nearby California Nails and Day Spa (they are just in the bldg next to ours...yey!)

i asked them how long it will take for all the works to finish (i just so need some time to doze off), and they told me an hour and a half. hmmm, i need more time...LOL!

so i decided to go ahead and try their acrylic nails:

believe me, i only got the "short" size but my nails are well..too small to begin with so they look huge on me. LOL.

i am so dreaming of having really long nails since i can't grow my nails...they easily break. and sometimes, when i am in too much tension, i tend to bite them (ewwww, i know!)

the entire procedure lasted for almost 3hrs. hehehhe, and yep my boss wanted to give me some spanking after being gone for such a long time during office hours. (please don't be like me...hehehe, but i swear, i had MOST of my tasks done).

when i got home, i then decided to play with it a bit more:

added some nail stickers
(i was trying to put nail art, but i am not as talented as Nikki...thank God for these stickers, though. LOL)

my sister camwhoring with my nails...

i love it...and i promise to always have this done with my nails. they say this will last for 3-4 wks...i can just have it repaired or refilled (?) if needed.

total damage: Php 1555 (Php590 for the mani-pedi and Php965 for the acrylics)


FilmAsia said...

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Askmewhats said...

love the nails :) :) :) Sosyal!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

your nails are so pretty! very clean and dainty. exactly my taste!

Gracie said...

Sis, they look pretty but wait until it's time to have them taken off ;) I've had nail extension done for our graduation ball last March and I've promised to myself that it was the first and last time I was gonna do it. As much as they looked really pretty but I was in agony for days when I had them removed and they ruined my finger nails. It took me months to outgrow my damaged nails. I hope yours will be a different experience :) Happy New Year!

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