Saturday, December 27, 2008

Product Review: L'oreal Elseve Color-Vive Intensive Hair Serum

i am fond of having my hair colored. i started coloring it when i was a freshman in college and if my memory serves me right, i think my first color was Burgundy. LOL

from then on, i try to color my hair after every 3 months. once, i went really crazy that i decided to color my hair black. Raven black! hahahha...i looked like Morticia Adams that time and my boredom pushed my sanity to its limits that i then decided to get a boy's cut. so yep, just imagine how stupid i look! hehehe

people would ask me how i keep my hair shiny and healthy. i notice that no matter how cruel i get with my hair, fortunately, it doesnt get damaged. there was a time that i didn't like the outcome when i colored my hair so, i colored it again with a different shade the next day. my mom was terrified when she saw me coloring my hair again...but yeah, i think i'm lucky that my stupidity and impatience didn't damage my hair.

but before, i notice that the color easily loses its luster. sometimes, the color will get darker after a few washes. so people would wonder if i got my hair colored again just after a few weeks.

good thing, this product came:

The new Elseve Color-Vive Intensive Care Serum with patented UV Nutri-filter and cationic polymers protect hair from external aggression and prolongs color. Instantly smoothes hair and provides long lasting shine. Your hair is protected from roots to tips. Its color vibrancy stays truer longer.

how do i use it?

after taking a bath, i wrap my hair with a towel while i tone and moisturize my face. i then towel dry my hair, just enough to remove excess water and i dispense 2-3 pumps of this serum onto my hands, rub them together and apply it evenly on my hair.

sometimes i would blow dry my hair (most esp when i am in a hurry) but most of the times i just air dry it while massaging my scalp.

i found out that eversince i started using this, it made my hair shinier and the color stays true longer. and no matter how often i color my hair, it doesn't get damaged (and i hope it stays that way...)

price: Php400++ or $8 (please correct me if i am wrong)
will i repurchase? NOPE! i think i'm on my 6th bottle now...


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