Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i must say, ate Gracie is really spoiling me! when i first told her that i am planning to get myself a pair of Plueys boots, she suggested that i get something more uhmm, lady-like? so there goes my intention of trying to look younger...tee-hee.

but knowing my ate, she knows what would suit me. and so, she sent me this:

a pair of DUO boots!

RAWR...as in FIERCE, no?

thanks ate Gracie (hugs hugs hugs). geesh, i really feel like having an ate now. aside from having somebody to talk to about almost anything, i have someone who gives me stuffs (and i mean, a lot!) every now and then. to think i haven't really met her yet in person.

also, my thanks to Nikki who went thru trouble getting my boots :( sowee, sis. i owe you much!

the boots are a tad bigger...but it'll do. what i am worried about is that it's kinda tight on my legs. waaah, i know i have BIG legs. sniff. I think i need to go back to the gym, or probably get a knife and slice some chunk from them. (eeewww!)
oh man, i am again reminded that i really need to lose weight.

again...thanks ate Gracie and Nikki!

opps, here's my FOTD when i met with Nikki to get my package:

used my neutral palette from Coastalscents



Unknown said...

CUTE boots!!

Shen said...

fierce to the highest level! :) but i still want plueys!! :) i have something like this but shorter.. we should wear boots together one day. :0

Cristina said...

Those are fierce looking boots! Love that pair on you :)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks sisters!

i just wish it's not that tight on my legs :( i love the boots, but i doubt if i'd be able to wear it comfortably :(

Imee said...

that last pic with the boots is such teaser material! very hot!

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