Saturday, December 27, 2008


and i thought it's just another ordinary Xmas Shopping day....

i was SO wrong.

'twas December 14 when mom and I decided to meet up at Mall of Asia with my sister to do our xmas shopping. it was actually late than the usual for we try to do it on the first week of the month. as usual, i arrived late...thanks for the heavy traffic on my way there and for those cab drivers who refused to take me to the mall.

for days like these (shopping day), i am fond of wearing dresses since it's easier if i am to take my clothes off for fitting. so for that day, i decided to wear this:

Sam (my sister) was kidding me for i look like i am not wearing any shorts...of course i am! LOLz...a former officemate saw me and asked me if i am pregnant...grrr. okay, i know i do look pregnant...with the big tummy and the dress, but i am not! REALLY! =P

i won't forget the day i wore this dress because this is what i was wearing when i lost my most recent baby:

yeah...i lost my fone...sniff.

i was in People are People checking out the shirts on sale when i noticed a girl stood beside me and started checking out the shirts too. i looked at her and remembered the tube dress she was wearing. all of a sudden, i felt my bag if someone or something had hit it. i trembled and my heart just started thumping...i looked at her and she walked away. i immediately reached out for my wallet and was able to t0uch it. and from there, i just knew...that my phone's gone.

i felt my knees weakened and so i went to my sister and asked her to give me some space to sit. i started looking for my phone and yeah, it's G-O-N-E. i took my sister's fone and called mine, it rang for a while and then it went dead. desperate and nearing to breaking out in tears, i sent whoever that biatch is to at least give me back my sim or leave it somewhere. of course, she didn't reply. UGH!

i know i should've followed her right after she started walking away from me...but i dunno. i was shocked and scared all at the same time (and i'm not even sure what i lost yet!). mom said that she might have seen me using my fone and followed me.

i was fuming mad for i went to DIVISORIA (shopping place where everything's or most of the stuffs are cheap and there are SOOO many people walking around) weeks ago and i brought my baby with me. i was texting the whole time and didn't lose it. i guess i was just too comfortable inside the mall, thinking that there would be no snatchers or thieves there. and yeah, i was so friggin' wrong.

i learned my lesson the hard way...and it cost me more than Php20k to learn that. it has only been two months since i got that phone, and geesh, i so love that phone :(
oh well...i guess, you can't be so trusting (and stupid) all the time at times like these.
so for those who'd be able to see a white nokia E71 with a clear GMASK, please report to the police. hhhaahhaa kidding...

i was told that i can have that phone locked by calling NTC (National Telecommunications Company). They will ask you to submit a copy of the receipt as proof of ownership and an affidavit of loss, and once proven that it has been stolen from you, they will lock the phone so the culprit or whoever has it won't be able to use the phone anymore.

it could've been great...if only they would pick up the phone.

oh well, i guess not until they start doing their jobs, stealing of phones will be lessened.
i just hate dealing with government offices, really.

sorry, but i am just being honest here. i just hope and pray that people will do their jobs and help in eliminating crimes like this.

so there...bye my baby! and for that thief, remember that what goes around...comes around.

for those who want to get my new number, please email me yours and i'll send you mine.
thanks, dearies!


AskMeWhats said...

Shucks sis! No wonder I texted you and there's no reply :( :( :( Sorry to read what happen, I am NEVER comfortable even inside the mall, you don't know who's out there! I am sorry it costs you more than 20K for a lesson, I'll email you my number..*hugs* sis

Tara Cabullo said...

Oh:( I'm so sorry to hear about this Jheng.. Karma is a boomerang, don't worry.

I'll email you my number, too. Hope to still get in touch.


DeBi said...

sorry to hear about it sis...
kaya pala you didn't reply when i texted you...

Crystal said...

i'm so sorry for your loss. i also lost a creative zen vision m which was worth around 17k at that time. i opened my bag to pay my fare for the jeepney and by the time i closed it my creative was gone :(

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

kakagigil naman ung magnanakaw na un!

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