Monday, December 8, 2008

Quintos-Laporre nuptials: a wedding makeup gig...

those who really know me would know that i am not really into doing makeup for weddings. reasons? well obviously, one reason would be i love bold colors more. probably i'm scared that i'd end up giving the bride some smokey and another reason would be, i am trying to stay away from being asked why on earth am i not married yet! (pressure pressure)


anyways, i was asked if i can do makeup for this wedding. i was hesitant at first, but i do feel like i am beginning to lose my makeup mojo since i haven't been doing any makeup for other people for quite some time. so i gave it a try, and fortunately...after the trial makeup, the bride chose to get my service for their special day.
i was so nervous, that i felt like my heart's gonna come out of my chest any minute. honestly, that's what i feel each time i am to do makeup. hahahaha. but once i'm on it, i just forget all my worries and just focus on what i'm doing.

so here are some pics from the Quintos-Laporre wedding:
the lovely bride, Marie and the talented (and beautiful) Michelle Cabrera (hairstylist)

the blushing bride

Mother (Tita Loida) and Daughter (Marie)

the beautiful couple (Paolo and Marie)

the newlyweds with the bride's mother
i stayed until the party's over. i was hella tired but i don't have any regrets...i enjoyed it so much! i must say i admire the couple who have been together for 13yrs before finally deciding on tying the knot. (whew...sounds familiar, eh?) i got goosebumps when the bride marched towards the altar...and i cried when they had their exchange of vows. i can feel that they have been thru a lot, but still managed to stay together no matter what. the couple cried a lot of times, and i can really feel the love they have for each other.
i was so carried away that i almost wished that i get married soon...wahahhah
and since i was sooo tired, i need to find a way to i did a little camwhoring too!


again, thanks Marie and Paolo (and also to Tita Loida) for trusting me on your very special day. I wish you all the best and may God bless you with beautiful kids soon!


It was really nice meeting you...see you around!

also, my thanks to Michelle :) 'twas nice working with you... until our next gig, dear!


Shen said...

omg! nakakainlove naman ung mga pictures. sana ako na next! hahaha! joke..

Iambrigitte said...

ahahhaha, can i be your MUA then..shen? LOL

Gracie said...

Uy kayo'ng dalawa jan... Ate nyo muna paunahin nyo ha ha ha! Sis Shen, ikaw bunso... ikaw huli ha ha ha! Matuto kayo'ng gumalang sa nakakatanda ha ha ha! Wag pasaway!

DeBi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeBi said...

ang galing galing!!! its really pretty!!!
I was right when i chose you to be my mua...sayang hindi natuloy.
But its ok, i have no regrets because Sophie is really really good.... :)

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