Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tutorial: Neutral eye-makeup...

A reader requested for a neutral eyes tutorial a loooong time ago (sorry dear, i know it's been ages...), so here's my attempt. I planned on having a video tutorial but it will take more time to edit, so for now, i hope pictures will do.

For this look, i used my Smashbox Quad in Juxtapose:

Start with applying primer on the lids. I've used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and MAC PP in Soft Ochre on top.

1. Pat color #1 on the lids, up to the crease

2. Using a big blending brush (MAC 224), blend the color so there would be no harsh lines

to get this:

3. Using a smaller blending brush (MAC 217) apply color #2 on the outer corner and on the outer crease

to get this:

4. Using a much smaller crease brush (NARS #12), apply color #3 where you applied color #2. This would give more definition...
5. Blend...blend...blend

6. Apply color #4 under the browbones to highlight

blend the crease color upwards too, to get rid of the harsh lines

7. Apply color #1 on the inner lower lashlines and color #3 on the outer lower lashlines, a black eyeliner on the upper lashlines and waterlines and lastly, curl lashes and apply mascara.


hope this helps!


fuzkittie said...

So naturally beautiful!!

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

super danda!

jamie said...

ur fave look..neutrals!!:)

Iambrigitte said...

thanks fuzkittie and *Nehs*!

hahaha, yeah my favorite indeed jamie! lol

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