Monday, December 28, 2009

MakeUp Gig: Nokia E72 launch...

i sooo miss doing makeup! my new job doesn't allow me to do much...but hey, i still have the choice whether to go to work or do the only thing that makes me happy no?

when Mich asked me if i want to do makeup for Nokia last December 3 at Shangrila, i said YES!

but don't worry, in as much as i wanted to grab that E72 (a notch higher than my beloved E71 that was stolen from me...sniff), i can't!

anyways, here are the gorgeous models i was able to work with:

our beauties together with Michelle

hopefully, i get more gigs next year...
i want to do more makeuuuuppppp!

thanks ladies!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Xmas gifts...

i love Christmas...and i bet, most of you out there too! well, sans the expenses we incur to buy our gifts, we love Xmas for the gifts we also get.


anyways, i started getting gifts in the office:

i got these cutesy stuff (and some yummy, as well) from my officemates. i get surprised each time i leave my desk and get back to find my workstation with gifts.

isn't it nice? i even got gifts from some of my officemates who i don't even get to talk to that much!

wee, my first BDJ planner. i have this as my wishlist for our QA team exchange gift

this one i saw at a bookstore, so i got this as my wishlist for our project team exchange gift.

whew...i'm just glad they gave me what i wished for.

a gift from dad...just when i thought i won't get a new watch for this year...yeeeey!

i got this from my mom...i saw it when she got herself one. envious me asked one for myself...and i got one too!

this bag came as a big surprise from Mom. She knew how bad i want a bag from Guess. I just can't bring myself to buying one because of the price...yeah, i am that cheap! i am just not into bags and if ever i buy one, i'd only shell out 2k maximum (and not be able to sleep for days)...

now i have one, and i must say this is a dream come true for me!

pair of shorts from my mama (aunt)...and i was kidding her that they are too big for me. just look at the waist size!

actually, it's almost my size. waaaaah, i am that BIG now!

i forgot to take pictures of the other gifts i got...will just edit this post once i got pictures of it.

how about you, what gifts did you get this Xmas?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

my pre-Xmas loots...

a few weeks before Xmas, i told myself i won't be going to the mall and do unnecessary shopping. i'd only go to the mall when i'm ready to do my Xmas gift-shopping.

and i did stay away from the mall...but online shopping and friends with uber nice items from abroad didn't.

my loots from Bangkok, courtesy of my friend Nimfa:

hmmm, so what's in the bag?

trinkets and pouches

cutesy tops


and here's my 2nd attempt on a pair of Melissa Origami:

this one's a size 6. I initially got a size 5 but it's too small for me...good thing i was able to sell it. the sizing for this one's sooo confusing. Melissa website says this pair is a size if you're a size 6, get size 5. and i did just that...but i ended up with foot sores.

this time, with a size 6, it's BIG on me.

geesh..i wish they have half-sizes. now i am thinking of putting this pair on sale again (sigh)

Friday, December 25, 2009

wishing all of you a...

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

MAK is Back!

remember this post?

that friggin' accident months ago made MAK look like this:

i can't describe the amount of stress and inconvenience this accident caused me. i remember waiting hours for a cab just to go home, and this is because from where i work, cab drivers usually prefer nearby locations. there was even a time when i almost cried when i got rejected by 3 cab drivers one after the other...geesh!

but it's all in the past now...for MAK is back:

looking brand new once again...woot!

MAK looking all mighty and handsome again

Thanks to Honda Shaw and their service advisor, Sir Poly for bearing with me. i've been pestering them for quite sometime and probably they grew tired that they made sure my car gets released ASAP! hahaha

that's the awful traffic i have to bear everyday going to work

camwhoring behind the wheels...a total No-No!

thanks for those who have been sending me messages asking me how i am and if i got the car back already. i'm okay now and i have MAK with me. i was quite nervous at first when i got behind the wheels after a month of not driving, but i got used to it again in just a few hours.

now i am back on the road, more careful than ever and hoping that i'll never get into any accident ever again!

thanks again, ladies!

my early Xmas presents...

if there's a time of the year that i love, it would definitely be Christmas. i still jump with joy whenever i get to receive gifts, no matter how big or small it is. the mere fact that they have thought of me simply warms my heart :)

and yeah, i love my birth month too!

i got the following presents from two people close to my heart. they never fail to surprise me with things they are sure i would love to have. and aside from that, they send me gifts anytime of the year!

from my ate gracie, who i have been missing a lot:

L'orael True Match Roller Foundation and Maybelline Vibrating mascara

These two are not yet available here and my ate made sure i get my grubby hands on them first!

and of course, X made sure i get my presents early as well:

JVC Everio videocam

this videocam was on my wish list for last was late alright, but hey, it's better late than never!

so lightweight that i don't feel any strain when i use it. now, there no more excuse not to do video tutorials (i just wish i can find time to do so).

and because he knows that i don't like buying bags, he bought me one:

red bag from Nine West

seriously, it amazes me that he knows what type of bag i need and would use. to think he's not into buying ladies' stuff before.

love my bag :)

To ate and X, thanks again for making me feel like it's Christmas morning at such an early date. i love all the stuff you sent...but of course, it would be much much better to have you here this coming holidays.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I ran out of my HG makeup remover and can't seem to find it anywhere.

I am not sure if it has been phased out, or just OOS.

I am using Shu cleansing oil to remove my eyemakeup, but for the rest of my face, i use this. I am on breakouts galore right now and this one's so gentle that it doesn't aggravate my already troubled (and damned) skin.
so please, if anyone of you knows where to get this...please, PLEASE message me.


by the way, here's my review on it just in case you missed it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Previous looks...

sorry for the lack of updates...(again!) i haven't been blogging lately since i am always running out of time when i get home. not to mention i am breaking out so bad that i just got too lazy to take pics and post them here. i really hate my skin condition nowadays, the lack of sleep is finally taking its toll on me.

i think i am going back to taking up Diane35 (birth control pills) to help me with my acne problem...and yeah, i am also going back to the only skin regimen that (REALLY) works on me...OBAGI.

anyways, here are just a few of previous looks i made. excuse me for the pimples and rough skin...argh!

brown-black smokey eyes using NYX eyeshadow pencil and MAC carbon, espresso

gold-brown eyes using MAC eyeshadows

revisiting my love for mineral eyeshadows (aromaleigh):

still from Aromaleigh:

life's been busy these past weeks...and busier the following weeks because of parties i need to attend for the holidays. i can say i have my social life back! heheheh. i've been going out on weekends to de-stress (at least, less expensive that shopping) and meet new people.
Xmas is fast approaching...haven't had the chance to start with my shopping. hopefully, i can jumpstart this weekend when mom comes over.

how about you ladies, what have you been up to lately?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inti-mate Bra Converter...

are you one of those ladies who hate wearing strapless bras?

well, i am one of them. i just can't seem to find the right size for those strapless ones. so what do i do? well, i settle for VBS! yeah...Visible Bra Straps!

yeah...that's me, alright. see those straps!?

totally disgusting, huh. to think it was one of the most important days of my wedding!

i know i need not to pout like that to look silly...for i already am (for letting my straps show off like hoo!)

so ladies, what do we hate bout strapless bras? for me, i hate pulling up my bra whenever i feel like it's slipping/falling. geesh, who would want to have bras ending up on their waists anyways? also, i can't seem to find the right size for this purpose.

i thought i'd settle for this VBS, until i met the Inti-mate Bra Converter.

Inti-Mate is the perfect bra accessory that can prevent loose or falling straps, and instantly convert your conventional bra into a racerback bra – no more awkward visible straps while wearing sexy tops, and even sportswear!
Inti-Mate also gives you added support, as it gives you the effect of a push-up bra – instant support, cleavage, and confidence!Say goodbye to sports bra’s that flatten our curves! Inti-Mate also gives you a sports bra look, with added support, and cleavage – no trade-offs over here! Inti-Mate also improves posture as it acts like a sports bra that helps you straighten up and prevent slouching.
Also, get to recycle your old bra’s with support in a clip!Inti-Mate comes in the form of a very feminine floral shape, that is to be clipped on both your bra straps. It comes a pack of three colors – black, nude, and transparent – adding a minimalist touch to your intimate wear.

Inti-Mate is effective and economical – you get to make your bra work for you however you want it, and you get the effect of a converted bra ( racerback, or cross-style bra ) for a fraction of the price of a racerback, or sports bra!

Price : P 250.00 per pack


• push-up function
• transforms the normal bra into a racerback or sports bra• hides unsightly bra straps while wearing racerback tops• prevents bra straps from cutting into your shoulders• creates cleavage and curves

With so much uses, benefits, and savings , Inti-Mate Bra Converter is every girl’s dream product. It’s the perfect bra add-on! Also, it’s the perfect gift for your friends, and family. They will surely love this product as much as you do!

i make sure i wear this whenever needed and it never disappoints me. it's easy to use, comfortable and not to mention, affordable.

i know i won't be able to go back on my civil wedding day..but i am sure i will no longer be caught with those VBS ever again.

to get yours, click here.


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