Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet, Greet and Learn...

Know the latest Spring-Summer make-up trends & MAC techniques with L.A. based Pro Artist John Stapleton. Guarantee a seat for only Php3000 redeemable in products at MAC Makati (812-8265) and Shangri-la (631-6310). Sessions are at 10am and 2pm only on February 7, Saturday, at Attica Bar & Lounge, A-Venue, Makati Avenue, Makati City.

Call your favorite MAC artist for reservations!

(thanks P for the heads up)

this is your chance to learn from a MAC PRO Artist. so for those here in the Philippines, grab this chance now.

i would love to go, but i can't.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

just another neutral look...


PAC Brow Kit topped with MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy
4U2 e/s duo (right side)
MAC Espresso
MAC Shroom
MAC fluidline in Dipdown
PAC eyeliner in white
Covergirl Mascara


TFS Sana Primer
Cinemasecrets concealer
MAC MSF in Light Medium
MAC Sculpt and Shape
MAC blush in Dainty


Artdeco Color Gloss in #43

it's been a while since i last used my MAC SFF. I still love the coverage it gives...and the staying power. I apply it with a stippling brush and it does give the (almost) airbrushed look. I try to keep myself from using it too often though...because i would like to be on MMU foundations for everyday use.

you know what? i am super duper ACIDIC. I am using NC25 and still goes a bit dark on me after a few hours.

Product Review: Artdeco Lipglosses

Glamour Gloss

Color Gloss #28

Color Gloss #43

The first time i bought from this brand was when i heard raves about their Eye Base. I remember buying that, and a lipgloss (Glamour Gloss), some eyeshadows and an eyeshadow brush.

The second time i bought from them was when my teacher, RB Chanco, told how much she likes LipGloss #28. It's nude and great for matching smokey eyes. I then knew i just had to get that. LOL

and with that purchase, i also got Lipgloss #43...and that purchase was followed by another...and another...

L-R: #43, Glamour Gloss and $28


Glamour Gloss


what i love:

  • gorgeous colors
  • its staying power. it would be better to line your lips with a lip liner first then apply this. so the color won't bleed.
  • it doesn't taste weird. i personally love the taste of the Glamour Gloss...hehhe
  • it doesn't give you that look on your lips as if you've been eating fatty, oily foods.

i've been using the Glamour Gloss on some of my wedding gigs and they also love it!

what i hate:

  • consistency is kinda runny. as y0u can see on my pictures, the lines on my lips are still visible. but there are two ways to remedy that: 1) apply the first layer then wait for some seconds for it to set then apply another layer or 2) apply a base...then the gloss
  • for me who's not really into lipsticks/lipglosses, i think it's expensive. priced at Php675 (i know, i am so i wish they are cheaper just so i can get all the shades!

will i buy again:

YES! i seriously want ALL of their shades



(i wish they ship here in the Philippines...sniff)

trying out a bridal eye makeup...

eversince i started loving makeup, i never really liked neutrals (that's one thing i've always been honest about, aight!?)...but lately, i've been doing makeup for weddings so i figured, i would need to practice more on bridal makeup. i must admit, i get really nervous if brides-to-be want to get me as their MUA on their most special day. but of course, who am i to say NO to these ladies who believe in me...and i love making people (more) beautiful.

days ago, i decided to practice on myself. believe me, i don't really practice. i've been reading blogs and see fellow bloggers posting pictures of themselves after practicing on different looks. i, on the other hand, only gets to be made up when i am going out. so there...i know i am really behind with fresh looks and new makeup techniques.

i wish i can study makeup again, and probably specialize on bridal makeup. but for now, i have to be satisfied on having myself as my "model."

for this eye makeup, i just used the left shade on this 4U2 e/s duo on the lid and then MAC espresso on the crease.

hmmm...i know, it doesn't look different at all from the neutral EOTDs i've been posting lately. LOL!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Product Review: Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on

Bags and Dark circles can darken your eye contour. Garnier Light eye roll-on is a massaging roll-on that combines caffeine and the draining effect of a massage to reduce bags and dark cicles and brighten the eye contour.

Massage is a technique used by experts to boost natural draining and decongest tired eyes. The formula, enriched with caffeine, known for its stimulating properties on micro-circulation, helps to brighten the skin and boost radiance.

i've been using this product for more than a week now. when i first saw this at Mercury Drug, i got so interested and decided to get it because of its "roller." it reminded me of the silver-tipped applicator that comes with La Mer's Eye Concentrate (been wanting to get this one for sooo long, but it's so friggin expensivo!)

what i love:

  • the instant cooling effect...feels good that it can be addictive
  • it brightens the eye area, instantly. reminds me when i first used potatoes on my eyes. but of course, it doesn't last. not sure when used for a longer time period though
  • also, it depuffs eyebags. one morning, i woke up with horrible swelling eyebags (for crying the night before) and i reached out for this and it really helped.
  • the packaging. fits in my makeup kit..
  • cheap, priced at P299
  • no smell

what i hate:

  • after it dries up, i can feel a tightening effect. so why do i hate it? well, it just gives me the feeling that my undereye area is drying up. and i hate it. i had to use my other eye cream to moisturize
  • for those with dry undereye areas or those with wrinkles already (ehem), the moisture in this product isn't enough.
  • OCs will hate the roller "innovation" because of hygienic reasons.

will i repurchase?

probably yes. i love the cooling sensation and the instant brightening effect, but i would still use another eyecream for moisturizing.

to all our Chinese brother and sisters....

....and of course, to all of us....


(all tikoys or sticky rice are welcome...heheh)

too much Photoshop?

i was browsing thru the magazine rack at 711 looking for this month's issues when i saw this Preview magazine:

honestly? i didn't recognize that it's Kris Aquino on the cover...had to really take a closer look to make sure it's her. she looks so...different? thin?

and tonight, i was watching the news when i saw her. so i grabbed my copy again and compared...
...yep, definitely too much Photoshop.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Product Review: 4U2 e/s palette and EOTD...

priced at Php999 (orig. price is 2k, got it at 50% off), i can say that this palette is a good value for your money.

what i love:

  • reasonably priced. P999 for 8 gorgeous shades
  • great color payoff
  • lasts the whole day
  • doesn't crease...i've used it without a primer and it stayed put!
  • easy to blend
  • sleek packaging. it comes with a black palette case with mirror
  • available locally and they have a wide range of items, all reasonably priced!

what i hate:

  • well, not really hate. i just wish they come up with mattes

will i purchase again:

yep, will get the other palette :) and probably some more e/s duos.

now for the EOTD:

PAC brow kit topped with MAC brow set in Girl Boy
4U2 e/s (yellow-1st pan, gold and brown- last row)
Covergirl mascara
MAC fluidline in Dipdown
Revlon eyeliner

Smashbox photofinish light
Monave Caroline topped with Lauress Radiant Ivory
MAC blush in Dainty
MAC Sculpt and Shape

Ellana lip gloss

for another set of EOTDs using this palette, click here.

my pressed minerals palette...

finally, i've finished my first pressed minerals palette. if you remember, i started with this new "hobby" months ago. i've pressed 3 of my e/s, here's my post about it.

and last month, i've been lemming on getting Bobbi Brown's shimmering nudes palette but it wasn't available here yet so i decided to get Silk Natural's e/s clones of that palette. still, i wanted to have them pressed since using loose minerals can be really messy most esp during makeup gigs.

so, i pressed them:

the last row (L-R) are the first ones that i pressed (including the top color on the 2nd to the last row)..and the rest are from my Silk Naturals order last month

hmmm, i have a missing pan. why? i totally messed up pressing one of the mmu e/s so i just threw it

i love pressing. i dunno, but i think the colors pop out more when pressed...maybe because of the pressing medium? but you have to be careful in adding the medium, when you put too much, the pressed shadow will be soft and kinda wet. it will also crease when used, but of course, all you need is a good primer! ;)

i love my pressed mmu e/s palette! so does that mean i won't be getting the BB shimmering nudes palette? hmmmm....convince me not to (winks)

Rodriguez - Banzon's nuptials...

a very good friend and derma asked me to be her maid-of-honor on her wedding. 'twas an honor also to be trusted to be her mua for that day.

time flies so fast, no? we've been friends for more than half of our lives...i still remember our highschool days when all we worry about are assignments, allowances and hmm, maybe a bit about boys?

and now, she's ready to face another chapter of her life...together with her husband, Rhydel.

i wish you all the best my friend...i love you and i'll always be here for you.

more pics here and here.

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