Wednesday, January 21, 2009

another "happy friday" look?

actually, no.

this look was what i wore yesterday. hehehe...yep, i decided to wear the "year's color" for the day and i didn't care if people stared at me as if i am going to a (disco) party with the sun still up. does feel good to be a "rebel" sometimes....woot!

Artdeco brow kit topped with MAC Girl Boy
MAC Parfait Amour on the inner half
MAC Nocturnelle on the outer half
MAC Carbon on the outer-V
Coastalscents gel liner in black
Revlon eyeliner in Black Brown on the waterlines
MAC Plush Lash Mascara

(yep, still peeling)
by the way, i forgot to mention on my previous post that i had glycolic peeling during the weekend...

Face Shop primer
Smashbox Halo Perfecting Foundation in Fair
MAC Sculpt and Shape
Face Shop Blush
MUFE HD powder

Artdeco lipgloss #28

and what happens when i get so hungry and can no longer wait for food?
i act really stupid:

and yep, i was not in office attire as well!

(and i was sitting on a trash can while waiting for the elevator to open)
har har har!


fuzkittie said...

Haha, that last photo is cute! Nice light purple~~

DeBi said...

Haha! that's why your blog is called i am sutil, right? JOKE. yeah, photo looks good. :)

AskMeWhats said...

sis!!! Sexy mo ha!!! :) Love your look! I've seen you in person na and you look great talaga in any color!!!!!

miemiemie said...

hahaha talagang inupuan ang trash can,marumi yun eh! hahaha pero i love the purple eye look on you :)

Anonymous said...

oh,hey, what do you know...i think we work at the same building! :))

(i work at the 33rd floor :D)

Shizznizzle said...

I really love this purple!!! Your eyes are pretty..what eyelash curler you use?

Iambrigitte said...

ehehhe thanks fuz!

you are so right, debi hahaha

naku, seksi? nde ba seksik? kaw talaga nikki kaya love na love kita eh. ehehhee tenchu

totyal naman ung trash can, miemiemie! heheh thanks sis. i love purples...and greens...and pinks..and blues...and..and..hahhaha

oh hi gn, neighbors pala tayo. hope to see you some time, pakikalabit na lang ako :D

thanks nanzy...i use shu curler :)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i might have seen you some time ago buying sandwich sa 12th floor..haha, parang stalker e noh? kasi naman nadaan kita (ata) tapos sabi ko sa isip ko "hmmm, familiar siya" then I was browsing through some blogs and there you were! :))

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