Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lusting over...

to be honest...i'd be in total heaven if i get my hands on this:


"Inspired by Bobbi at Fashion Week. This collector's edition palette is designed for the woman who wants to play and experiment with bright color. Features 35 soft matte shadows in a colorful shade range that includes everything from pinks and greens to blues and purples. All the shades are new and exclusive to this palette, which features a unique, fold-out design and full size mirror. Available for a limited time."


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so what do you think, ladies? i don't have much matte e/s on my palettes...we all know that matte is the way to go for matured skin, and i am doing makeup on people who shy away from shimmers (okay, stop rationalizing yourself), so is this a good buy?

i don't have any BB item yet...and just in case, this would be my first. so ladies, please help me decide if i should get this. it has a $70 price tag + shipping, so i really have to make a wise decision. well, unless Santa will toss this as a late Xmas gift for me. LOL

and what could be worse than seeing another item that will make you go mad:


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The ultimate Bobbi Brown collector’s palette. Tailor-made for lipstick aficionados – and anyone who wants to bring out their inner artist! This new palette for lips includes a Retractable Lip Brush and is filled with 42 lipstick shades in three different formulas:
  • Lip Color (.03 oz./ 1g each), the product that launched Bobbi’s company, offers semi-matte, full coverage color (21 shades included).
  • Creamy Lip Color (.03 oz./ 1g each) offers creamy, moisturizing, comfortable wear (11 shades included).
  • Lip Sheer (.03 oz./ 1g each) offers sheer, lightweight color (10 shades included).
gee-sus...i am not a lipstick person but this palette really makes me drool! i want it...err, i need it! but at $200 price tag, i would need to work my ass off before i get my hands on this lovely palette.

damn, life is so unfair. (sniff)


Crystal said...

$70 for a bobbi brown palette like that is not bad already. it's up to you if you like the colors though. $200 for the lip palette is too much already in my opinion.

Iambrigitte said...

thanks for the advise, girl! yeah, i think im gonna get that palette too. i just hope shipping wont be that expensive since i'd be ordering it online. as for the lip palette, i got one from has 40shades and priced at less than $20. i just hope it's good.

thanks again!

Crystal said...

i went to coastal scents to look at that lip palette you mentioned! 66 shades! wow that's so tempting. let us know if it's good!

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