Wednesday, January 21, 2009

girly pink looks and (a sort of) testimonial on OBAGI...

i was feeling girly the other i decided to go with pinks.
uhmmm..actually, i just ran out of eotd ideas. LOL


Artdeco Eyebase
MAC Jest on the inner half
MAC Swish on the outer half
MAC Sushi Flower on the outer-V and crease
MAC fluidline in Dipdown
Covergirl Mascara in Black Brown
Revlon eyeliner in Black Brown on the waterlines
and my (back-to-obagi) face:

'twas, well it still is all-red and peeling. I am back on OBAGI and i promise not to stray EVER AGAIN! I miss the glow i have when i was still on this regimen last year. i didn't have pimples and the bumps on my face disappeared...but the stupid me started trying out new products and my face became a disaster again. (sniff) i was again left with darn pimple marks, bumps and pimples just don't seem to stop popping out.

and it made me realize, why on earth did i stop OBAGI when it was the only regimen that helped me? ARGGGGHHH....stupid, stupid me. I had to attend my friend's wedding as the maid of honor so i had to wait til it's over for i know my face will be all red and sensitive. but the day after the wedding, i got my OBAGI items again and started using them religiously day and night.

i know my face still looks raw but i swear that my face cleared up. i am so loving the EXFODERM (again) since the bumps on my face disappeared in less than a week of using it. No new pimples came out (fingers crossed) so i guess OBAGI still works for me.

so there, another new year resolution: REUNITE WITH OBAGI!
and hopefully, my face would be back to what it looks like mid last year.


Anonymous said...

Where do you buy obagi and how much?

Unknown said...

hiyee, i buy it from my derma. clear, blender priced at 4500 each. sunfader and exfoderm a bit lower than that.

Anonymous said...

you must be spending a lot with OBAGI. yikes!

do you suggest any budget-friendly skin products?!

i know we may not have the same skin type... I tried ponds and swore not to use it again EVER...

tried L'oreal and just got worst!


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