Sunday, January 25, 2009

my pressed minerals palette...

finally, i've finished my first pressed minerals palette. if you remember, i started with this new "hobby" months ago. i've pressed 3 of my e/s, here's my post about it.

and last month, i've been lemming on getting Bobbi Brown's shimmering nudes palette but it wasn't available here yet so i decided to get Silk Natural's e/s clones of that palette. still, i wanted to have them pressed since using loose minerals can be really messy most esp during makeup gigs.

so, i pressed them:

the last row (L-R) are the first ones that i pressed (including the top color on the 2nd to the last row)..and the rest are from my Silk Naturals order last month

hmmm, i have a missing pan. why? i totally messed up pressing one of the mmu e/s so i just threw it

i love pressing. i dunno, but i think the colors pop out more when pressed...maybe because of the pressing medium? but you have to be careful in adding the medium, when you put too much, the pressed shadow will be soft and kinda wet. it will also crease when used, but of course, all you need is a good primer! ;)

i love my pressed mmu e/s palette! so does that mean i won't be getting the BB shimmering nudes palette? hmmmm....convince me not to (winks)

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