Sunday, January 18, 2009

my Silk Naturals loot...

do you believe in the power of prayers?

i do...there have been a lot of times when my prayers got answered, some of my wishes answered...and if not, i'd be able to understand why soon enough before i can even start questioning.

weeks ago (before the holidays), i purchased the BB shimmering nudes clones from SilkNaturals. S told me that her BB palette is a must-have for Bridal makeup. And that time, it isn't available here yet in the Philippines so i decided to get its clones from Silk Naturals.

my friend is getting married on Jan 3 and i'll be doing her makeup. 'twas already Dec 31 and because of the long holidays, i was sure there's no way i'd be able to get the package on time.

but to my surprise, mom got a call from someone who works in the post office and told her that they have a package for me...but they weren't able to deliver it before the holidays began. he offered to have it delivered...yay yay yay!


the Silk Naturals Shimmering Nudes collection (BB clone)

Riviera - Venus - Buff - Au Natural
Elemental - Spice - Basalt

Bone - Cashmere - Nekkid - Quartzite - Sandy

Joy - Peace

Crinoline glow

and yep, i was able to use my loots for my friend's wedding :)

so now that the BB shimmering nudes palette is already available locally, will i purchasing it?

uhm, yeah!

(because bringing pots of loose mineral makeup can be messy...but probably, i'll try to press them first. let' see)

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