Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Review: Artdeco Lipglosses

Glamour Gloss

Color Gloss #28

Color Gloss #43

The first time i bought from this brand was when i heard raves about their Eye Base. I remember buying that, and a lipgloss (Glamour Gloss), some eyeshadows and an eyeshadow brush.

The second time i bought from them was when my teacher, RB Chanco, told how much she likes LipGloss #28. It's nude and great for matching smokey eyes. I then knew i just had to get that. LOL

and with that purchase, i also got Lipgloss #43...and that purchase was followed by another...and another...

L-R: #43, Glamour Gloss and $28


Glamour Gloss


what i love:

  • gorgeous colors
  • its staying power. it would be better to line your lips with a lip liner first then apply this. so the color won't bleed.
  • it doesn't taste weird. i personally love the taste of the Glamour Gloss...hehhe
  • it doesn't give you that look on your lips as if you've been eating fatty, oily foods.

i've been using the Glamour Gloss on some of my wedding gigs and they also love it!

what i hate:

  • consistency is kinda runny. as y0u can see on my pictures, the lines on my lips are still visible. but there are two ways to remedy that: 1) apply the first layer then wait for some seconds for it to set then apply another layer or 2) apply a base...then the gloss
  • for me who's not really into lipsticks/lipglosses, i think it's expensive. priced at Php675 (i know, i am so i wish they are cheaper just so i can get all the shades!

will i buy again:

YES! i seriously want ALL of their shades


AskMeWhats said...

The only artdeco gloss I have is the one in shimmery silver super love it!!!!

the color looks gorgeous on your lips :)

Iambrigitte said...

oh, silver? that's nice...i want! lol

thanks nikki!

Anonymous said...

hi would you know how much is their eye shadow base? tnx!ΓΌ

monmon009 said...

hi...san po b nakaavail ng artdeco?

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