Sunday, January 18, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW: Elianto Makeup Cleansing Wipes

"Elianto Make-up Cleansing tissue thoroughly remove eye and face make-up without irritating skin. This pre-moistured tissue gently remove make-up impurities, it is convenient to use any where and any time. After removing make-up, follow by daily facial wash. "

i've been a fan of Johnson's & Johnson's wet wipes for years now, until one day, i felt some sting on my face while using it. i was left with red rashes on my cheek that day. of course i was surprised, since the product is for sensitive skins. maybe, my skin is way beyond sensitive now that i am back with my obagi regimen?

anyways, i've been using this elianto wipes for months now but only for makeup gigs. i alternate this with my MAC wipes but i tend to reach for this more often since well, this is much cheaper. :)

what i love:
  • it doesn't sting. i've tried cleaning my face with this after hours of having my facial and it didn't sting. i've been using it on my clients and no complaints of itchiness or whatsoever.
  • leaves a fresh, clean feeling
  • the smells so clean!
  • the moisture is enough. i've used some other brands and sometimes, the tissue is just a bit dry. i can hardly clean my face with one sheet
  • it's available locally
  • cheap. sells for less than Php200 for 30 sheets (well, cheaper than MAC)
what i don't love:

will i repurchase:

i have stocks of this at home!

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