Sunday, January 18, 2009

Product Review: Ellana Extra Large Buffer Brush

"This brush is larger than your average buffer brush. It is a full, dome-shaped brush for applying and distributing powder on the face for a polished, flawless finish. It is similar to a full size kabuki brush with a longer handle for better control."

i fell inlove with this brush the first time i saw it at Shen's blog (she's an Ellana reseller). I immediately texted her, asking to reserve one for me. She told me that it will be available soon, and promised me that i'm assured of getting one.


a month after, i got a package from Shen and as promised...i got the brush, as a GIFT! whoa, sweet!

i've been using it ever since. and now that i am back with MMU foundation for everyday use, this brush is my HG brush for the application.

what i love:
  • uber doesn't scratch at all!
  • no bleeding
  • no shedding
  • size is just right (some says it's too big, but it gives me more control IMHO)
  • it's available locally
  • also great for blending your blush
  • cheap (at Php750, it is surely worth your moolah)
what i don't love:
  • hmmm, like any other synthetic takes time before it dries up.
tip: put it in front of an electric fan to shorten drying time.

aside from that, this brush is LOVE!

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