Thursday, January 22, 2009

Product Review: Guerlain Parure Extreme Wear Foundation

in response to a reader's request, please see my Review for this product below. I bought this together with the Parure Powder foundation a month ago. so am i happy? or not?

read on...

"Guerlain Parure Extreme Luminous Extreme Wear Foundation leaves the complexion glowing with a naturally matte finish. This Tibetan Rhodiola plant formulation helps cells withstand temperature variations, intense heat, and stress—making this product last for at least eight hours."

image and description from Sephora

i got the shade in 02: Beige Clair. i've read so many raves about this product in Makeupalley so i decided to get one for myself.

what i love:

  • the packaging. it comes with a pump so it's hygienic. OCs would definitely love this. with it's gold bottle, you'd feel "rich and glamorous" each time you'd reach for it. (well, at least for me...haha)
  • it's light and yet, it gives medium to heavy coverage. i don't use concealer when i use this. i just apply a bit more on my problem areas. a little goes a long way. a pump can cover the whole face so this will really last a loooong time
  • it gives a matte, even, glowing look.
  • i didn't get any allergies after using this
  • with its runny consistency, it's so easy to apply
  • i can't say if it keeps my oilies at bay since i'm on obagi and with 3 layers of cream (clear, exfoderm and sunfader" it's understandable if i get oily after a few hours. but what i really love about this foundation is that i look dewy and radiant and not as if i slapped my face with oil. i just blot 2x maximum and no retouching the whole day.

what i hate:

  • the smell. it's a bit fragrant but it goes away after some time
  • the price? got it for Php2750, but it's from Guerlain..what do you expect?
  • their color selection. the shade i got is the lightest, but because of its pinkish undertones, it tends to get a bit dark on me after some time. i flush easily and i'm a bit pinkish already so i think i'd prefer something with yellow undertones.

i apply this with a stippling brush and then pat a bit more on my problem areas and undereyes using my fingers. others prefer to apply this using their fingers. now, to avoid getting too pink on me, i sometimes mix it with my MUFE HD liquid foundation in 117. or i just set it with a lighter shade of finishing powder. i have the powder foundation but i would look as if i went to the beach if i use it as a setting powder.


looks and feels like a tinted moisturizer but the coverage is GREAT!

looks lighter on me but it does get a bit darker after some time

i forgot to take "before" pics (will update this post) but here are some "after" pics:

me wearing this concealer!

excuse the hairs, i'm in front of my electric fan when i took these pics
(watch out for my FOTD using this foundation)

would i purchase again?
i'm sure this bottle will last a lifetime, but if they come up with shades with more yellow undertones... I SURELY WILL!


Gracie said...

Wow sis! You're such a tease!!! Hmmm... enabler would be more appropriate ha ha ha! I'll try this next time I shop :)

AskMeWhats said...

I know what you mean, I'm also yellow toned..and pinkish tone is really weird on our skintone no??? hahahah Si sis gracie, wants to shop again! hahahha

fuzkittie said...

So you mean that it oxidizes, that's why it gets dark right? I can't stand foundations that oxidize! :[

Unknown said...

oooh i have this! i was surprised they had my shade so i couldn't pass up the opportunity! i love this foundie but ur right, the price is a killer. i only paid a portion of the amount though because I got a gift card for it =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the review, it really helped! Will try this one soon after i finish my current foundation :-)


ladychris17 ♥ said...

Hi sis! What's your MAC equivalent? I really really wanna try this one, but am wary of oxidization, and my shade. :( I'm NC 20, btw. :)

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