Thursday, February 26, 2009

lovin' my Aromaleigh pigments....

like a child with a new toy, i've been playing with my new pigments i got as a gift from a dear friend. I've been lemming on Aromaleigh since last year, but i've been holding back since i have tons of (sample) pigments from different mmu companies. Now that i have AL's Gothic Lolita collection, i am definitely going to get full pots of some that i really like.
here's two of my looks using AL pigments...stupid me keeps on forgetting to take pics on some days. (toink)

AL Gothic Lolita in Angel Bouquet and Burnt Roses

AL Gothic Lolita in Teddy Wisp

what i love with mmu pigments, aside from its blendability and staying power, is that you can get away from just wearing a single shade or two and the entire look would still look nice. it would be like you've used a lot of colors for it won't look flat or too simple. i've been reaching out for my mmu pigments on my lazy days.

for those who have been sending me requests to do some looks and reviews, please bear with me ladies. work is really taking too much of my time these days. it's HELL week for this week and for the next two weeks to come. (sniff). i am so tired, and my face is again acting up. i got in the office yesterday with pretty much normal-looking face, but ended up with some flakiness on my cheeks and chin by the time i got home at around 3am. =(
i promise myself to have a week-long vacation as soon as my project in the office is done.
i miss blogging, and i miss chatting with you ladies. hope everything's well with you all.

(hugs and kisses)
Monday, February 23, 2009

a surprise gift from a friend...

i've always wanted to get pigment samples from Aromaleigh...but i never got to do so. i dunno why...maybe because i have tons already? but i just can't get enough of mmu e/ i told myself i'll get some soon.

then i got this from my mail:


my good friend, Phoebe, sent these to me. she knows i've been lemming on them for a long time now. isn't she sweet? by the way, she already left for Timbuktu LOL. now, i feel more guilty for not seeing her before she left. i'm the one who's supposed to give her a going-away gift, but i ended up getting one!

thanks a lot, P. i'm gonna miss you. We'll gonna miss you...but i'm hoping to see you soon! love yah, girl!

some swatches:

i can't wait to come up with some looks using them.
thanks again, phoebs!

retail therapy....

after weeks of being stressed (still is and worse to come), i decided to visit one of my fave counter...MAC! I haven't bought anything from them for months! and i figured, it would be nice to reward myself with a few stuff from the new collection that arrived (which is not so new anymore, tee-hee)

weeee....more eyeshadow brushes!
i wanted to get the 165 too, but i'm not really into face brushes. i have a couple of face brushes that i get to use. but i just can't get enough of MAC's e/s brushes.

my family of blending brushes (black hair): MAC 224, MAC 226 and NARS

my eye brushes (forgot my 252)

mom said i have a lot and wonders if i get to use all of them...of course! and i intend to get more :)

i also wanted to get the MSFs....hmmm, maybe next payday?


Monday, February 16, 2009

the long wait's over....

remember my post about what i did one time in the office when i got so bored?

finally, after almost a month!

my Coastalscents loot!

weeee....i love this lip palette!

(but i'm still lusting over Bobbi Brown's ultimate lip

pan's this small....

...but pigmented!

more gel liners....i want more! wwwwooot!

more brushes!

i had no idea this foundation brush is this HUGE!

reviews to come....

one more package to Illuminare foundation samples!
geeesh, i am hoping i won't get bored anytime soon. but Shen sent me a message yesterday and told me that the MAC Redhead Blonde Brunette collection is finally here.

dear shen, i actually lied when i told you i'm not


hiyeee, ladies. so what did you do on V-day? well, i don't really have a "date" but since 'twas a weekend and my cousin's bday, i just went home to the province. besides, what's the best way to spend V-day (if you don't have any "date") than spending it with your family!

i stayed the whole day at home, to catch up with sleep. i've always been sleep deprived during weekdays so i try to make up for it during weekdays. then we attended mass in the early evening and then went to a hotel for dinner. unfortunately, there has been some sort of "conflict" that's why my mom and my sis didn't go with us. i first thought of cancelling our reservations, but the dinner is X's present to my cousin and to us. i went with my tita and my cousin, and met with X's brother and his wife.

with Yvette, the birthday celebrant (yeah, her bday falls on Vday!)

i am hungry

with Chippy, a good friend and owner of Crown Royale Hotel (Balanga City)

i am (burp) full!

and here's my Vday there i was, enjoying desert and looking around for familiar faces in the crowd when the band's vocalist stepped up on the stage again and started talking. i was wondering why because their set has just ended and well, they aren't supposed to be back that soon. LOL i can hardly hear what he's saying because of the noise, but it seemed like he was dedicating a song to somebody...from somebody. just when i started talking to my tita sitting next to me, i heard the song "Through the Years." and i was like "hmmm, that's our song!" but of course, i only said that to myself. hehehehe

and i went back to talking to my tita when i realized that people are staring at me. then i heard somebody called my name. i looked up and saw this waiter holding a bouquet of flowers...then he said "Happy Valentines, Ma'am from Sir Kristian." i nearly choked. i didn't expect that! i saw people smiling and even heard some say "Awwww.." i bet i was all red that time! but of course, it felt good. it really felt good. and that's the only time i realized that the song was dedicated to me. too bad, i wasn't able to hear the whole dedication.

see...i'm all red, and sweating! LOL

flowers from X

again, with the bday celebrant.

thanks, X for the wonderful dinner and flowers! you surely made me feel not alone this Vday. :)

so i went home and teased my mom back coz she'd been teasing me the whole day for not getting any...turned out my bouquet was waaaay bigger than what she got!


my Friday the 13th look...

PAC brow kit, MAC brow set in Girl Boy
Monave e/s in Gold Salmon
MAC e/s in Glamour Check!
UD eyeliner on the upperlashlines, PAC eyeliner on the waterlines
MAC Plush lash mascara

Smashbox Photofinish primer
Max Factor Age Renew foundation in Creamy Ivory
MAC MSF Natural in light medium
MAC blush in Dainty
MAC Shape and Sculpt

4U2 gloss

hmmm...and you were thinking that i'd try to pull off a Freddy Krueger look? or probably "Jason" on Friday the 13th movie? LOL

now i am beginning to notice....i've been wearing the same shades over and over again! accck...i miss my colorful eye makeup.
Friday, February 13, 2009

my last week's loots...

so, mom and i went to shop after her operation. i know she was supposed to rest but she said she's fine...but you should've seen her whining about pain right after we finished! hahahah...
anyways, here's what i got:
i love Angel Locsin, but it wasn't actually the reason why i bought this mag. it's actually because of:
Piolo on the back cover!
OMG. i love you, Piolo! woot!
i am swooning...
(people who feel otherwise, please don't start with me! LOL)

my first pair of shades!

mom insisted that i buy my own. i am not really into shades, and in case i would need to wear one, i borrow hers. LOL. but i think, mom's right. i am so happy with my it! it did cost me moolah, but i definitely want to think it's worth it.

what do you think? :)

mom got me this pair of Havaianas:

and as promised, i got her a pair of CROCS (their newest design) and i finally gave in to my curiosity...i bought one for me, too!

i love my CROCS! really comfy...i actually forget i am wearing anything on my feet because they are so light.
a friend of mom, gave her this but she ended up giving it to me:

yummm...and they smell heavenly!
see..i've been a good girl lately. i didn't buy any MAKEUP! hehehee

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