Monday, February 16, 2009


hiyeee, ladies. so what did you do on V-day? well, i don't really have a "date" but since 'twas a weekend and my cousin's bday, i just went home to the province. besides, what's the best way to spend V-day (if you don't have any "date") than spending it with your family!

i stayed the whole day at home, to catch up with sleep. i've always been sleep deprived during weekdays so i try to make up for it during weekdays. then we attended mass in the early evening and then went to a hotel for dinner. unfortunately, there has been some sort of "conflict" that's why my mom and my sis didn't go with us. i first thought of cancelling our reservations, but the dinner is X's present to my cousin and to us. i went with my tita and my cousin, and met with X's brother and his wife.

with Yvette, the birthday celebrant (yeah, her bday falls on Vday!)

i am hungry

with Chippy, a good friend and owner of Crown Royale Hotel (Balanga City)

i am (burp) full!

and here's my Vday there i was, enjoying desert and looking around for familiar faces in the crowd when the band's vocalist stepped up on the stage again and started talking. i was wondering why because their set has just ended and well, they aren't supposed to be back that soon. LOL i can hardly hear what he's saying because of the noise, but it seemed like he was dedicating a song to somebody...from somebody. just when i started talking to my tita sitting next to me, i heard the song "Through the Years." and i was like "hmmm, that's our song!" but of course, i only said that to myself. hehehehe

and i went back to talking to my tita when i realized that people are staring at me. then i heard somebody called my name. i looked up and saw this waiter holding a bouquet of flowers...then he said "Happy Valentines, Ma'am from Sir Kristian." i nearly choked. i didn't expect that! i saw people smiling and even heard some say "Awwww.." i bet i was all red that time! but of course, it felt good. it really felt good. and that's the only time i realized that the song was dedicated to me. too bad, i wasn't able to hear the whole dedication.

see...i'm all red, and sweating! LOL

flowers from X

again, with the bday celebrant.

thanks, X for the wonderful dinner and flowers! you surely made me feel not alone this Vday. :)

so i went home and teased my mom back coz she'd been teasing me the whole day for not getting any...turned out my bouquet was waaaay bigger than what she got!



Askmewhats said...

awww X is sooo sweet :D eventhough he's not around, he makes sure you feel special :) You deserve it sis! happy Vday!

Anonymous said...

Aaaawwwwwww! What a sweet surprise! :) Happy Valentine's!

Shen said...

X is such a keeper, says the pres of the X and J love theme club (ehem! that's me!) :)

iamsutil said...

thanks sisters! hehehe kaw talga shen!

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