Monday, February 2, 2009

a dark eotn for a dinner date...

opsss...lemme clarify, it's a dinner date with a girl friend! i met with nimfa late Saturday night for dinner...

we were supposed to watch a movie after her niece's birthday party, but when she arrived at the mall, i was already shopping and she also decided to check out some stuff.
we met an hour later to have dinner...and guess where we went? CHILIS! hehhe, a dose of my favorite frozen strawberry margarita...yum!!!

MAC paintpot in Soft Ochre
PAC brow kit topped in MAC brow set in Girl Boy
TBS duo e/ in eucalyptus gray
MAC MES in Hot Contrast (black part)
CS gel liner in Silver
Shiseido lash primer
MAC mascara
MUFE Aqua Eyes liner


TFS Sana Makeup Primer
Monave Caroline
Lauress Radiant Ivory
Elianto blush in Mauve
MAC Sculpt and Shape

Artdeco lipstick topped with Cargo lipgloss

the eye makeup is really DARK, but i was using my cam phone with really, really poor lighting (as usual...hehehe)

and here's my micro loot:

because of Nikki's review, i got so interested with CG Tru Blend foundation. got myself the lightest shade. Also got Ardell lashes..just because. LOL and finally, Revlon Color Stay eyeliner in Black. been trying to get this in black shade but it's always out of stock!
yep, i love whitening products! enough with the sermon "you must be proud of your natural color...blah blah" and just let me be, okay? hehehehe...i just want to be whiter, that's all.

i also got myself some boxer shorts...well, i planned on getting some lingerie. but i'm just not into lingeries. i don't feel sexy and besides, i have nobody here with me to show off my lingerie to. useless! ugh

i hope you girls had a great weekend too!


AskMeWhats said...

that's a lovely eye make up!!! :) I can imagine it super pretty in person :)
Great hauls! :) it's not mini at all! :D

Iambrigitte said...

thanks nikki, i miss wearing dark eye makeup...geesh, prices nowadays are so high. that loot costs almost 4k++, ang hirap magtipid..wahhhh

Anonymous said...

love the eye makeup too! its so...complex. gush. love it.

anyway, im interested in your eyeliner. how much does it cost here kaya? is the MUFE liner better than MAC? im looking for a really great eyeliner that costs no more than 1k.

Cinthia Truong said...

This look is beautiful. I really like it!

Agreed with Nikki, not a mini haul at all. LOL

Anonymous said...

do you like cs gel liners? and how long did it last for you? thanks

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