Friday, February 13, 2009

my last week's loots...

so, mom and i went to shop after her operation. i know she was supposed to rest but she said she's fine...but you should've seen her whining about pain right after we finished! hahahah...
anyways, here's what i got:
i love Angel Locsin, but it wasn't actually the reason why i bought this mag. it's actually because of:
Piolo on the back cover!
OMG. i love you, Piolo! woot!
i am swooning...
(people who feel otherwise, please don't start with me! LOL)

my first pair of shades!

mom insisted that i buy my own. i am not really into shades, and in case i would need to wear one, i borrow hers. LOL. but i think, mom's right. i am so happy with my it! it did cost me moolah, but i definitely want to think it's worth it.

what do you think? :)

mom got me this pair of Havaianas:

and as promised, i got her a pair of CROCS (their newest design) and i finally gave in to my curiosity...i bought one for me, too!

i love my CROCS! really comfy...i actually forget i am wearing anything on my feet because they are so light.
a friend of mom, gave her this but she ended up giving it to me:

yummm...and they smell heavenly!
see..i've been a good girl lately. i didn't buy any MAKEUP! hehehee


fuzkittie said...

The shades look awesome on you!

AskMeWhats said...

Sis a girl should have at least ONE designer shade in her collection, it will last a lifetime, Love the shades :)

Your mom had an operation? is she ok??? got Benefit Lyin' eye concealer from gracie..I texted you but no response, text me na lang.. :)

Liz said...

si fafa piolooooooo! :-D

shades is posh! :-) miss yah, sis. :-)

miemiemie said...

uy piolo, no comment. hahahaa :)

the havs are pretty. hindi nako updated sa latest collections..i started early by collecting them..and i also stopped early. buti nalang :) haha. i used to haul havs before, ngayon hindi na. mas maganda kung makeup nalang :)

Gracie said...

Sis! It really is a gorgeous pair of shades! Very very you! Sis... when it comes to good stuff... who cares about the price! Hahahahaha!!!!

amor said...

I have the same pair of crocs too! (in black)..And it's girly. Definitely, the most comfortable shoes my feet EVER worn.

gingerbee said...

PIOLO *drools*

I love him as an actor...and as eye candy too :D

Meh, I get to "borrow" my mom's crocs all the time. She hates wearing it because her feet sweats a lot. LOL.

Jamilla Camel said...

You are so chic! I can see you sitting at a cafe in Sorrento, taking a break on a shopping expedition...!

Unknown said...

thanks fuzz!

mom's okay nikki...she even went on shopping after! LOL...i love the shades too. just scared that i'll get addicted to them too, like mom. oh, another gift from ate? sobrang spoiled na ako sa kanya! i havent talked to her for some time now. badtrip kasi ym sa office :(

thanks liz stay pretty! :)

hiyee miemiemie im not really into HAVs. mom ko namimili lagi, she's addicted to HAVs. i have more Ipanema's...but i think im gonna get addicted to CROCS. lol

hahahha, you're my idol ate gracie

y0u are so right, amor! i can hardly feel that i'm wearing something on my feet. it's so light and comfy

awww gingerbee we both love Piolo! he's my soulmate! lol

thanks jamilla i wish i can do that in real life. hahahah

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