Monday, February 2, 2009

Product Review: Nivea Visage Sensitive Balance Cleansing Milk Makeup Remover...

Softly cleanses & helps to relieve the skin from tightness and irritation
Light formulation feels satin-soft on the skin and makes it a pampering cleansing experience leaving the skin smooth and comfortableFree of alcohol, fragrances and colorants and are skin pH-neutral
Excellent skin compatibility of the products has been dermatologically approved on sensitive facial skin

i've been using this since i got addicted to putting "layers" of makeup on my face. i remember just cleansing my face directly with water and soap until my mom gave me a hard poke on the head telling me that i should remove my makeup first with something else before washing my face. she actually recommended Ponds cold cream but i find it too thick.

good thing i came across Nivea.

what i love:
  • no strong does have a subtle scent but not irritating
  • not too think, consistency is just right
  • doesn't irritate my skin. i've been on obagi and my face tends to peel from time to time, but using this to remove my makeup doesn't give me any sting
  • it moisturizes my skin. some makeup removers give me the "stretchy, dry" feeling on my skin.
  • it does take some time to remove my waterproof eyemakeup, but it does the job.
  • unlike my other makeup removers, it doesn't leave me with blurred vision (like when i use my cleansing oils)
  • cleaning my face with this is addicting (hmm, is that supposed to be good? lol)
  • not oily or sticky

what i hate:

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cleansing milk. I highly recommend this for sensitive skins....

this sells for less than Php300 for 200ml.

I use this ALL the time.


Anonymous said...

that seems like a good product to try out.

i so can totally relate to that blurring of the vision thing! LOL! i used to get that a lot with Ponds Age Miracle Make-up remover. I swear! I needed about 5 minutes for my vision to clear up! hahaha!

thanks for posting this review!

Iambrigitte said...

hahhahaa, and i thought it only happens to me. i love cleansing oils but sometimes the stretchy feeling it gives me scares me. and not to mention that blurring vision effect. hahhaa

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