Monday, February 23, 2009

retail therapy....

after weeks of being stressed (still is and worse to come), i decided to visit one of my fave counter...MAC! I haven't bought anything from them for months! and i figured, it would be nice to reward myself with a few stuff from the new collection that arrived (which is not so new anymore, tee-hee)

weeee....more eyeshadow brushes!
i wanted to get the 165 too, but i'm not really into face brushes. i have a couple of face brushes that i get to use. but i just can't get enough of MAC's e/s brushes.

my family of blending brushes (black hair): MAC 224, MAC 226 and NARS

my eye brushes (forgot my 252)

mom said i have a lot and wonders if i get to use all of them...of course! and i intend to get more :)

i also wanted to get the MSFs....hmmm, maybe next payday?



AskMeWhats said...

Hi sis! eeekk! I've been lemming for the 226 brush! How much is it pala?

*** said...

drools (T.T)!!!!!!

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