Monday, March 30, 2009

de-stressing and pampering time...

nope...i didn't go shopping!
how dare you think about that each time i'd mention de-stressing! i am definitely not like that...hmp!


nah...i know that's the first thing you'd have on your mind when i would say i wanna go relaxing. but for a change, i went to a facial care clinic last Saturday (Godiva Skin Care station) and had facial and diamond peel. it has been ages since i last had one. also, i tried their pain-free laser hair removal for my underams they call Harmony. Had the first session and i'd be back after 3 wks. it was definitel painless and only took 3o secs for each pit. I wanted to have my legs done too, but wth, it''s so expensivo! i'd probably just stick with the ole shaving way. hehehe..

it really feels good to have your face cleansed, no? and with their Vitamin C after facial, my face surely felt better. i promise that i'll undergo facial and diamond peel once a month!

today, after my gig...i went back to Godiva to have my first session of (guess what....) their IV gluta! yay! i've been taking gluta caps for months but then i stopped months ago and i feel like i need to go back. but i always forget to take them and besides, the pills i'm taking got expensive and so i thought that IV gluta would be a wiser choice, not to mention the effects would be a lot faster.

so there...i didn't go shopping but i surely did spend some moolah again. but at least, it'd be more for my skin care.

(took a picture of this light while waiting for my attendant to start her magic on moi...)



beeyoutiful7 said...

Oh man..

I bet your skins glowing even more! It's always good to get a facial !

I want to know more about this hair removal thing you've mentioned. Whats the price for getting ur hair removed on ur leg ? even the arm ?

i have so many questions on

Anonymous said...

hi! been reading your blog na for quite some time. ive had my last facial done at godiva skin care station too. i have to say that i looove their vitamin c facial! usually, i wake up with an oily skin the next day but with the vitamin c, my skin was glowing (not oily) haha. i have to try their diamond peel next time! :)

oh btw, tell us how the laser hair removal goes. thanks!

AskMeWhats said...

sis! I have never tried facials ! I want to but I'm scared my skin will be used to it and be spoiled! heheher

Chrissy said...

Wow, yay for skin pampering!!

Unknown said...

hiyee beeyoutiful7, my underarm hair laser removal costs that's hmm $30-40/session? as for the legs, it costs Php13000/session! or $250!

weee, i love their vitamin C too makeupdweeb i even bought their serum! yup, will keep you posted bout the laser hair removal :)

hahaha it's really good to have facials nikki most especially for those who wear de-clogs the pores kasi. but i don't think you need this! you have great skin na!

thanks chrissy!

freefinally said...

hi sis. how much for the IV gluta? was it worth it?

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