Wednesday, March 11, 2009

de-stressing once again....

after months of contemplating whether to get samples or not from AWG, i finally decided to give it a GO!

i've been seeing beautiful swatches from Annielise and wanted to get samples, but i have too much makeup already...not to mention tons of mmu e/s samples. but still, i find their e/s very nice...something that can be used for bridal makeup. so last month, i finally ordered from Franchesca. she has been so nice to wait til i finalize my order. i put some items on my cart but didn't check out, she then contacted me thru email to ask if she will give it a go but i asked her if it can wait until my (actually, my mom's) card's cut off date. and she patiently waited.

i got my orders in no time, and she even threw in some sample foundations.

thanks Franchesca!

and last week was such a HELL week in the office (it still is, actually) i decided to take a walk and go to the mall.

and you know how i am when i get all stressed...

my first stop: MAC

My MAC Dame Edna loots: Highlight powder in What a Dame, Lipglass in Hot Frost and Lipstick in Gladiola

i love the packaging!

Hot Frost lipglass and Gladiola lipstick

What a Dame!

my newest MAC brush: MAC 165
i finally have all the brushes from the BBR collection, yey!

lipstick in Creme Cup from the Cremesheen collection

i want to get Lavender Whip, but it's sold out! ugh!

Creme cup + hot frost

Penultimate liner in Rapid Black

next stop: The Face Shop

falsies (for my friend's wedding), highlighter/blush, hairbrush and a free face mask

highlighter/blush swatch

last stop: The Body Shop

Lightening Touche in 03

i also bought some stuff from Mossimo...but i still didn't buy that white jacket i've been eyeing for weeks now! arrrrghhh...the cheapskate in me wants to get that darn jacket only if it's on sale (since it's summer already, hehehe).

so there goes my de-stressing last week. i had a huge smile on my face after shopping...but immediately frowned right after seeing what's left in my wallet.



AskMeWhats said...

wow Dame Edna collection :) Yummy! and the MAC165 wow!!!:) Enjoy the goodies and that's the best way to destress :D

Jamilla Camel said...

I love Dame Edna too! What a good haul! I got the Dame Edna highlight powder in What a Dame too, and I love it.

Great lips!

fuzkittie said...

Hahaha gotta love retail therapy!

Gracie said...

Sis, my kind of de-stressing hahahaha! Nothing can beat a good retail therapy hahahaha! I love you new MAC brush sis :)

izumi said...

i love your haul :) though i agree.. makes you happy til you look at your wallet again!

Tara Cabullo said...

I was drooling when I saw the Dame Edna collection! But as you know I'm so tamad to experiment, as always. Sayang lang ang makeup on me :( But I'm glad you destressed! Work must be so hectic!

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