Monday, March 30, 2009

Event: My Lancome at Fashion Walk (Greenbelt)

finally...after months of not seeing these girls, i was able to have fun with them again last March 25 2oo9 for the My Lancome event. when everything else is not doing fine and you're on the verge of a nervous breakdown (okay, i may be exaggerating LOL), what else can be better than being in the company of your girl friends. Jamie and I, came late but we were able to make in just in time for the fashion show. i love their makeup, and of course their dresses...and most especially the wedding dress!

too bad Nikki and Keith weren't able to join us for dinner at Ebun where Jamie, Shen and I enjoyed our group's fave Caldereta (i miss Sophie and Ebs). Jamie had to go to work after, but Shen and I stayed up late for some drinks at Chilis.

It was really fun being with these girls again. To Shen, thanks for boosting me up...and making me realize that i can go through all these. (hugs)

Til we meet again ladies!

at LANCOME, Greenbelt

my loots!

thanks, LANCOME!

more pics here.

(thanks to Keith and Nikki for some of the pics)


Phoebe said...

Guess what I just had for dinner?!?! Pork binagoongan ala Ebun! :) Miss you lots too (lalo pag nadadaan ako sa MAC parang may gusto akong sabunin haha)!

Unknown said...

hahahaha....saka mo na ako pagalitan, ebs! :P i mishu loads...muah muah muah

teka, kumakain ka pala!? lol

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