Monday, March 9, 2009

going chinese....

i've been waiting for this issue for months:

(March - April 2009)

because of this:

ugh, misspelled my name again... =)

we did this shoot last December 2008 at Manila Hotel. It was my first time to do makeup for a magazine photoshoot as a solo makeup artist (yey! thanks RB for this). as usual, i was nervous but thanks for the encouragement of my very good friends (you know who you are, ladies) i was able to finish the shoot without having a heart attack. LOL!

the magazine gets published every quarter, so i've been anticipating the issue for months! sorry for the crappy pics...i don't have pics yet (got this from the magazine) but will upload them as soon as i have them.

i loved working with these young people. i thought they were snooty at first, since they come from wealthy families but they are not! we were joking the entire time...i feel old though. hehehhe






thanks to all those i've worked with for this issue. hope to work with you again soon!



AskMeWhats said...

Congrats sis! :) Sorry the name was mispelled, but at least you know it's your hard work and it's on glossy pages!!! weee :)

tinedangganda said...

oohhh, i wish i can do the same thing someday... sigh.. congrats and more projects to come

sab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sab said...

WS on the cover! woooot!

Soapaholic said...

Congrats!:) They all looked very classy and natural!

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