Monday, March 23, 2009


i was out this Saturday for a sad that i wasn't able to attend MAC Hello Kitty's launch at Glorietta (sniff). there was some sort of an event near the hotel where i met with my clients so i really had a hard time getting a cab going to the mall.

but you know me...i will never give up! hah!

and so after almost 2hrs of waiting for a cab, here's what i got:

i love the packaging!

Beauty Powder in Pretty Baby

Lip conditioner in Popster

lipstick in Cutester

Grand Duo in Hot Planet (me also want Intenso!)

packaging is so cool and stylish! i remember having a lot of HK items way back in Grade school and Highschool..but those are in PINK...and this HK in gorgeous black is for big girls!

are you kidding me? i will not have my empty HK containers replaced for a free lipstick! not evah!

i also got a free cupcake and bag (woot)

the cupcake's so cute that i promised myself not to eat it...

Align Center
i attempted actually...

but i stayed strong!

and then...

i gave in! (i am just human...hahhaa)
i kept the HK logo though

and that's me looking all tired...but happy!

(and yeah, my earnings went straight to my loot...hahahah)



izumi said...

loooooove it. cutester is an awesome shade, no? :) and your pictures at the end that all feature the cupcake.. hahaha :) too good, too good.

beeyoutiful7 said...

I Loveee the Powder!!
I have both and they are amazing!!
I have the lip conditioner in Pink Fish and they are my favorite! =)

You are soo cute with those cupcakes =)

YAY for HK!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love your entire haul, especially the cupcake!! Whey don't they give us stuff like that in Europe?

Your FOTD is very springy--love it!

fuzkittie said...

LOL I would've stuffed that cupcake down including the logo, hahahahaa.

AskMeWhats said...

awww you got yourself HK!!!! I wasn't able to go!!! :( :( :( but it's nice to salivate at your purchass!

Gracie said...

How did you manage to get that lovely cupcake sis?

Abby said...

How mush is the powder??? me wants one!!!

Crystal said...

wah! you were able to get a TLC in popster! it was out of stock na when i got there :(

Care GUMIN said...

Ooh, Popster! I missed that one :( I going back for the Grand Duo though! :) How much is it? Btw, did you get a HK tote? I heard kasi when you buy 3 HK items, you'll get a HK tote

The Shades Of U said... the cupcake! And the HK stuff is so US kikay girls! :D

Crystal Gale said...

Sis, is popster better than pink fish? which one is better for an MLBB look? thanx! :)

Unknown said...

hi izumi, yeah cutester is a nice shade..but i would need to apply more for the color to show up! but i still love it! :)

awww, good for you beeyoutiful7 that pink fish suits you. i tried that and i looked sickly! my lips went so pale! haahahaha

thanks Jamilla Camel..oh so you didn't get any freebies like that?

hahaha, i might change my mind soon fuzkittie and just eat that logo!

i wasn't able to make it during the launch sis nikki too bad i wasnt able to see shen there!

it was a freebie ate...nice no!?

hi abby i got the powder for P1600 :)

ay sorry to know that musicalfanlovesminerals...hmm did you try going to the other mac counters?

Care G, grand duo is P1100 i think..and yeah, was able to get an HK tote. :)

you are so right annielise too bad they don't have the dolls and accessories here :(

hi gale i'd say get the fish is too pale IMHO.

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