Thursday, March 12, 2009

more MAC...(ugh)

more reasons why my wallet's empty these days:

don't you love the packaging? hehehe, i remember having a lot of HK's stuff way back...i never imagined that i'll have HK makeup too!

Lucky Tom palette

Creme Royal, Paradisco, Stylin', Lucky Tom
(i want Too Dolly!)

MSF e/s in Inter-View

colors make me go Ooomppph!

Major Minor lipglass

MAC Heatherette l/s in Melrose Mood
(just when i thought of giving up on having this!)

Melrose Mood and Major Minor

MSF duo in Medium Dark

i'm sure P's not gonna be happy...hehehehhe!

okay, my friends know i don't like her (peace out to those who adore her)...but i need to get my monthly issue, so wth..

i must admit...she's HOT! i need some shopping rehab...BADLY!
(well, just until MAC HK arrives here....hehehee)


AskMeWhats said...

eeeekk!! yay for getting your hands on these collection!!! :) Enjoy!! i love the swatches! they all look "so worth it"

izumi said...

i love your haul! especially MSF and the palette (though everything else is still gorgeous!)

Phoebe said...

BAD GIRL >:( Actually quits lang tayo, marami rami na kong nashopping dito na kung ano-ano. I just can't blog about it because Mother Goose will see :p

re Cosmo: my golly! SOOOO bad edit! Paki-check nga yung bewang ni Marian!

Cherie (包媽) said...

I'm envy ur MAC collection. In Cebu, we don't have any MAC account, how i wish i can buy those collection.

Care GUMIN said...

Now, I cant wait for MAC to release HK collection here.. haha. Marian is so over-rated.

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